Excuse Me…But Your Ego is Showing

Threat is a Myth That Exposes the Ego

Your Ego Is Showing

Today I learned a valuable lesson that I’ve actually learned before, but apparently needed to review.

I am not responsible for someone
else’s reaction to me or to life.
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 As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been conducting some training at work.  This morning, a group came into our class for the training.

This is a short training (about an hour), but is essential because we’re updating systems and everyone needs to be trained before the new system goes live.

I started hearing comments like:

I don’t know why we have to change anything…the old system was fine!

You mean we have to dial 7 digits instead of 4 when we call an internal extension!?!

This isn’t going to work. Why do they have to go and screw everything up?

These comments were just representative of a few people, but they made me think.

Why were people feeling threatened?  The truth is that a new system is not really a threat.  Why did they feel frustrated by a simple piece of software?

The truth is that our company is a great company and if it were necessary, the supervisory staff would even sit personally with a person to work one-on-one until they were comfortable with the new system.

No one will be left behind. It was all fear.

What’s Really Going On?

This is one of the most valuable questions I’ve learned to ask, and so I asked it this morning as I was conducting the training.

This is what I realized: Change scares people (myself included)

Most of the negativity was people trying to cope with uncertainty.  When I saw that clearly, then I was able to be more compassionate.

The second thing I realized is that our ego needs to be right.  The ego has to have certainty or it feels like it will die.  When it feels uncertain, it urges you and me to retaliate and to become defensive.

We begin to act childish and petulant to protect ourselves against perceived danger.

Bottom line is that if you can recognize that the fear or feelings of threat are just the death throws of the ego and that you truly have nothing to fear—ever—even death, you recognize that you are powerful.

You always have been, and you always will be.

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  • Love the title of this post, Steve! For me, a secret to success when dealing with my ego is to start by looking at my fears. As a defense to my fears, I can let my ego get out of hand. Thanks for causing me to reflected again on the importance of facing my fears.

    • Thank you, Kent. Glad you stopped by.

      I love your suggestion to start by looking for the fears we harbor. The ego wants to convince us that it can alleviate fears, when it is the root cause of them! Great insight!