Welcome Life, For Instance Readers!

Life  for instance

I appreciate Lori’s friendship and the opportunity to chill out on her front porch with you all. I always love the time I spend at LFI.  Let me extend a warm welcome to True Spiritual Awakening. Please make yourself at home!

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Feel free to jump right in and check out any of the podcasts and articles on the site.

We’re going through a bit of a remodeling job here, updating our look and brand graphics a bit, but you will find some great people here and on the Facebook page. I’m excited to connect with you.

As the first step toward letting me get to  know you better, would you connect with me by e-mail? Just drop your name and addy in the boxes below, and I will stay in touch.

(Don’t worry, I hate spam as much as Lori does! I never share my lists and I only send out e-mails once-ish a week)

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Please make yourself at home and connect with me on Facebook for periodic inspiration and a thoughtful “pick-me-up”.

On Your Side,