It’s a Twitter Chat Party!

What the Hell’s a Twitter Chat Party?

It is where we all get on twitter at the same time and chat it up…like a party, except in different time zones in different locations all around the world!

Here’s how to join.

How It Works

All of us log in to twitter at a designated time.

We chat.

Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but pretty close.

We all use the same hashtag (#AwakeChat).  This will serve as a filter to filter out all the other twitter chatter on your stream and allow you to follow the conversation.

What to Do

1. Join Twitter (if you haven’t already)
Go here and set up a profile if you haven’t already.
Here are Twitter Basics if you need help with Twitter.

2. Pick Your Tool
There are  several online tools you can use to chat.  I’ve listed some here.  You can try any or all and see what you think.

Twitter Search –
This is through the Twitter website itself. (Just enter the hashtag you”re looking for and all the tweets using that hashtag will appear.

Tweet Chat  – This one’s my favorite.  Just enter the hashtag at the top of the page and log in. You can easily follow the conversation.

Tweet Deck –  I got hooked on Hootesuite to automate my twitter account, so haven’t used Tweet Deck much, but know people who swear by it.  Try it out for yourself.

Monitter   – A great tool if you’re a bit ADD…like me.  You can follow a variety of Twitter conversations at once.

3. Contribute
Our Twitter Chat Party is pretty laid back, so jump right in. If you arrive late, you may want to scan the feed (after you’ve searched by the hashtag (#soulchat) just to kinda see what everyone’s talking about.

You can always connect with me by e-mail or on twitter (@stevenerice) if you have any questions.  I always announce the chats on the Facebook page and twitter