The Cool Thing About Courage

thoughtful ThursdayI haven’t written here for a long time–nearly six months. The last post was Sept 11, 2014 and it’s now March of 2015. There’s been one good reason for this (and a bunch of other excuses)–I haven’t had anything to say.

But life hasn’t been stagnant. In fact, it has been the opposite. It’s been lurching around like a drunk staggering crookedly down a narrow alley. Life never takes the turns and twists we expect.

A job loss, the potential of an expected move (which never happened). An unexpected meeting–“let’s meet for a beer,” he said–which produced unimagined opportunities and doors that continue to burst open. I never thought it would be this way.

What’s Courage Got to Do With It?

A little over a year ago–December of 2013, to be exact–I decided to step out as a “copywriter.”

I visited my parents for the holidays and a woman from my mom’s church asked, “So what are you up to now?”

“I’m a copywriter,” I responded. The look on her face told me that she wasn’t exactly sure what that was, so I continued, “I write marketing content for clients. Usually it’s stuff for their website or a brochure or something like that.”

“Oh wow,” she chuckled with uncertainty, “I would be so scared to do that.”

Her comment caught me off guard and my mind whirled because I felt the exact same way. I smiled at her and the only thing I said was, “I am scared–every time I send off the first draft to a client.”

The Key to Courage

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between that woman (or anyone else, for that matter) and me. The difference is that I do it anyway. I press “send” when I’ve finished the first draft. It’s rarely perfect. There will be things the client will want tweaked.

But I do it anyway.

Those who show the most courage in our world live by that single mantra: Despite the Fear, They Do It Anyway.

My friend, Jennifer Gresham wrote a beautiful and powerful piece which was the impetus for this article.

The Price of Freedom

The price of freedom is pretty low,
but it requires a currency few of us carry: courage.
Moreover, you don’t just buy freedom once.
You have to purchase it again and again, as long as you want it.
   -Jen Gresham

The Cool Thing About Courage

CourageThe past year for me has been a masterclass in searching for freedom. Freedom to live a life I love.

Never in my adult life had I had a job where I couldn’t wait to go to work. Never had I lost myself in my job day after day nor found myself reticent to dart from the office as soon as 5 p.m. Friday arrived.

I now have that life. I’ve found my way…for now. This is what I have learned about courage and freedom.

The action taken in courage doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be taken. Once exercised, courage grows. The fruit of courage is freedom, empowerment and resilience.

I didn’t write at True Spiritual Awakening for nearly six months because I didn’t have anything to say. Somehow I knew the past six months were the time to do. To learn. To be.

I have to say, though, it feels good to have something to say again!

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  • Jen Gresham

    Steve, this is awesome. I didn’t know you’d made the leap! Congrats and thanks for the kind words. I’m proud of you, regardless of how things work out (though fingers crossed that you exceed your wildest dreams). Let me know if I can be of help as you build your business!

    • Jen, it has been a process. But I knew if I began my career transition and did it strategically and with intention, the way would open up before me. And it has in all sorts of serendipitous and unexpected ways. Staying flexible enough to be open to what comes is also a powerful tool when it comes to crafting one’s life. Thanks for popping in and for always being an insightful and relevant voice in the online chatter that floods our head space.

  • Steve, This is wonderful! So excited for you 🙂 There is nothing like being in the flow and being willing to put our stuff out there…and to find it accepted and welcomed is better yet.

    • Thanks Julie. I agree. It’s all falling together after quite a season of uncertainty, wondering when and if it would ever come together