Facing Anxiety and Uncertainty

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The Sitting Space is a regular feature in which I share the real-life challenges I’m “sitting” with and the lessons I have learned along the way. I hope it will inspire, enlighten and encourage you.

One of “Those” Days

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain pattering across the rooftop. Instead of the sun streaming through the windows inviting me to the new day, a dim haze barged its way in.  I’m in a funk.

I stumbled from my bed and started the day. Good, morning, E-mail Inbox: an urgent “drop everything” meeting with a client this afternoon. Great.

Hello, Facebook.  That’s right. It’s September 11.  Mementos. Tributes. Fear.

What Do You Do When You Have “Those” Days?

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Sitting Space: Facing the Discomfort of Uncertainty

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The Sitting Space is a feature I’m starting to share what I’m learning from the things that I’m “sitting with” in my life.

So often we run–to alcohol, food, sex–from the feelings of our lives. I have decided to sit with mine.  This feature is an expression of self-generosity that provides a space for me to be present.

Feeling Lost

It was over. No denying that. The door was shut.

All the dreams. All the hopes. All the plans.

All of it, irrelevant now.

I needed to find myself again. I needed to reconnect to Source. I needed to feel what it felt like to be me.

Uncertainty terrifies, but can also serve as a powerful teacher.

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