How to Move Your Relationship Light Years Ahead

Keys to Healthy Relationships

My buddy, Deone from Releasing Me Today recently posted an article on forgiving yourself and freeing yourself from the negative influence of others.

At the beginning of the article, he talks about the assumptions we make and how they influence our relationships.

It made me think about the 2 most powerful keys that have drastically and permanently moved my own relationship forward, and I had to share. [Read more…]


008: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Build Security in Relationship

This episode is all about building security in your relationship.  It’s the foundation to a powerful and healthy relationship.

I also discuss…

  • The myth of seraching for the “perfect one” (and why you shouldn’t do it)
  • Why you should search for someone who complements you versus someone who completes you.
  • The reasons that we build romantic relationships (and the fundamental purpose of relationships)
  • How to createa safety zone and nurture the “Secret Garden of the Soul” within your relationship.

BONUS: I share how to affair-proof your relationship.


Protecting Your Relationships With Trust

Photo Credit: Terry Johnston

All relationships have a buffer that protects them from damage.  This is true of platonic as well as romantic relationships.  I call this the “Benefit of the Doubt” buffer.

Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “Oh, I know her and she would never say that!”?

This is the benefit of the doubt.  What the person is really saying is, “I trust that person’s character. What you have told me doesn’t line up with my previous experience.”

What Is the “Benefit of the Doubt” Buffer.


Our willingness to extend the benefit of the doubt to another person comes from our trust in them and what we already know of, and have experienced with, them.

Where does trust come from?
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