The Myth of the “Right One” in Relationships

Photo Credit:  Monkeywing

Were you taught growing up that you should look for the “right one” to date/marry?

Where does this idea of the perfect “soul-mate” come from? Where do we get the belief that there is one “right one” for us?

I remember as a teenager being terrified of missing “the one.” Then a young adult who I respected told me, “You can’t miss the ‘right one’.”

I found that when you’re in the right place, in the right space (mentally and emotionally) and doing the right thing, the right one materializes.

A Fundamental Distinction

Here is a simple distinction that helped me and I think will help you.

Don’t look for someone to complete you; look for someone who complements you.

You are already whole. If you’re looking for someone to complete you, then you will be continuously disappointed. If you look for someone who complements who you already are, then you are well on your way to building a fulfilling relationship.

The Bottom Line

If you’re searching for someone or something outside of yourself to tell you who and what you are, you will never be satisfied.  If, however, you learn to stand strong in who you are, then you can freely offer yourself as a gift to anyone and find that they may bring out the best of what you already are.

Don’t look for the right one. Be you, right…give yourself lavishly to the world, and open your arms to receive the love that floods back to you in abundance.