It’s Independence Day!

Freedom–The Most Powerful Human Idea?

Broken Chain Link Here in the United States we are celebrating Independence Day.  With that celebration, we hear words like “liberty” and “freedom” bantered around.  But what do they truly mean for you and me?

Obviously, within the context of politics and national identity, these concepts have radically different meanings for each person.  I don’t really want to get distracted by those ideas and concepts because I believe that one of the–perhaps the most important idea of human development lies cradled within the hands of liberty. [Read more…]


026: AWAKE! Podcast – Personal Freedom and the Space Between Stimulus and Response

The Space of Freedom

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The power of our potential lies in the space between what happens in our lives (stimulus) and what we think, feel and do about it (response).

This episode explores the the idea of personal freedom and how to expand this space between stimulus and response to enhance self-control and personal empowerment.

I also share the difference between reaction and response and how a subtle shift can make a huge difference in the outcomes you create.

Duration: 14:09