Find Your Passion and Live From Your “Sweet Spot!”

I Consider Myself Many Things…










And in the past, I would have added “passionate” to the list.  In reality, I was still searching  for my passion in life. [Read more…]


Put Yer Crazy on Display!

Let Yer Crazy Show!

Chair from “red room” at House on the Rock
Spring Green – WI

The problem with you and me is that we are too concerned with what other people think.

Right down the highway from where I live is an attraction called The House on the Rock. 

The house was constructed by Alex Jordan. Along with the house, are the most unique and strange collections in a “museum” housed on the grounds.

Some of the items in the collection are breath-taking, rare and beautiful.  Other parts of the collections are just plain bizarre.

All of it is 100% over-the-top! (as you can see from the chair pictured here) [Read more…]


019: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Discover Meaning and Purpose

In this episode, I discuss 3 steps I have learned over the past decade as I have searched for meaning and purpose in my own life.

1. Ask for guidance

2. Allow the answer

3. Be ready to take action

Find out how these 3 steps have helped me in facing releasing resistance in my quest.

Also, listen to the story of the insight that I uncovered on a recent sightseeing cruise to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore along Lake Superior in Michigan.

(Find out why the trees at the top of the cliff are so short)


I Hate “Easy Step” List Posts, But Here Goes Anyway…

3 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

I almost threw up a little when I wrote that headline and I know your Bullshit-ometer is probably about to blow.

So let me just put you at ease by disappointing your expectations in this post at the beginning.

These steps won’t pay off your student loans magically.

These steps won’t find your soulmate immediately.

These steps most definitely will not fix your life categorically.

(If you seriously need a life fix, I recommend therapy…no, seriously. A good therapist is worth her weight in gold!) [Read more…]


Looking for Your Calling? Step Right Up to My Bullhorn!

Have you ever had a dream so real that you wake up certain it was?

Yet once you’re awake, the “realness” quickly fades into the reality of everyday life, and the dream is just a foggy memory.

Years ago, I was lost and frustrated. What is my calling? I wondered.

Passion and purpose eluded me at every turn. I knew there was something within me that hinted at greatness, but I couldn’t quite pull it out. I felt like I was living in the fog of a dream, newly forgotten.

Ready to step in front of my bullhorn? Listen closely!

You are the captain of your own ship. Life’s only requests the direction. So if you are wasting your life time struggling to find out what it means…STOP IT!   [Read more…]


You Don’t Need to Look for Your Purpose, You Need to Grab It By The Balls!!!


Photo Credit:  Michael

I thought I had to search for it too.  And so I did.

For five years.

I’ve gotta find it. I’ve gotta find it, I told myself. And the more desperately I searched, the more it seemed to elude me.


You can be like me and waste the next five years (or 10 or 20) looking for your passion and purpose.
[Read more…]


006: AWAKE! Podcast – Who Are You, Really?!?

An unexpected Google Hangout prompts this question.  I take this esoteric, “big” question and remind you of what you already know about who you are and what you are capable of.

At the end, I share the secret to creating any potential relationship you desire.

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