How to be Happy in 2014

The moment…

Image of author looking happy--with happy new year wish

There are moments in life when everything shifts—or better, when you realize they have already shifted.

One of these moments happened to me recently when I realized something profound.  I realized something for which I had spent most of my life searching. I looked up one day and noticed that I am happy.

You see, I never expected to be happy—truly, deeply, profoundly happy. Kids like me don’t get to grow up and be happy.  And yet here I am…happy.

In those moments there is only one response. Gratitude.

It percolates within. Joyful tears sting the corner of my eyes, or sometimes smiles overflow the corners of my cheeks. Beneath lies the bedrock of peace and the realization that I am loved, I am supported and that I will be okay.

2013 hasn’t been without its struggles, pain and grief (like any year). But I have learned, if you don’t stop to be present for the moments of happiness, they slip away; and you find yourself looking up in the moments of disappointment and confusion, wondering why life is so unhappy.

Maybe it’s not that life is so unhappy or unfulfilled, but that you have just failed to notice the moments of happiness that fill it.

My wish for you in 2014

My wish for you in 2014 is that you will find the deep, “toes curling in the warm sand” kind of happiness that you so desire. More importantly, I pray that you recognize that it has been there all along, and you will take the time to reach out and grasp it.

Where can you find happiness in the coming year?