Be Kind

Today I Was Unkind to Myself

When I got into my car after work, I felt like crap.

Not physically.  Work wasn’t particularly stressful. No terribly cranky customers to deal with. I have no excuse.

Negativity swirled around me.  The darkest side of me relished it. If there was a negative conversation, I wanted to hear it and add my energy to it.  My nostrils were filled with the stench of it. [Read more…]


Kindness: Your Most Precious Resource

What Is Kindness?

girl smiling
Think of the kindest person you know.

What made you think of them?  Was it their attitude? Their disposition? Their actions?

How do you define or identify kindness, personally?

This week, some co-workers and I were treated unkindly by a supervisor.  The statement he made was so abrupt that it shocked me a bit at first, but it made me really start to think about why we choose unkindness in our interactions with one another. [Read more…]