Creative Way to Track Your Goals in 2013

Happy New Year!

A few days ago, I saw a great idea posted on Facebook.  It was to take a jar and write down each good thing that happened in 2013 on a slips of paper.  Then, on New Years Eve this year, you can review and be grateful for all the wonderful things that happened.

"shatterproof" and about $6 each

“shatterproof” and about $6 each

I decided to take on this practice.  But I’m tweaking it a bit.  I’m creating what I call a “Wonderful World” jar–just because I love that song.–for my gratitude jar.

I’m doing a second, and I’m writing my goals and ambitions for the year and putting them in it.

Some of you had expressed a desire to do this as well, so I thought I would share what I’m doing so you can steal some of my ideas or share some of your own. [Read more…]


Why You Should Throw Your Goals, Resolutions and Best Intentions Out the Window!

Something Different

Over the past few days hundreds, thousands, and perhaps, millions of blog posts have been published about goal-setting, clarifying intentions, and launching one’s self whole-hearted into the new year.

Not this one!

I’m urging you to toss all the crap out the window of your life’s speeding automobile.  You don’t have time for navel-gazing, honestly.  Let the people who are planning to live make their plans.

Meanwhile, you get on with it!

Over the coming year, I’ll be talking about four broad topics: Gratitude, Love, Stillness and Presence.  All of it will be centered around the main law I like to call the Law of Everything.

The Law of Everything states that the external reflects the internal.

Or, if you prefer…

You cannot travel within and stand still without – James Allen

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. – Marcus Aurelius

Change your thoughts and you change your world – Norman Vincent Peale

Scrap Your Goals/Intentions/Resolutions

You should scrap all your best intentions and deepest wishes. Because, they don’t really matter.

If your thoughts are out of order, no amount of focusing on the external will change that. But most of us will try anyway.  Even if we know that it will do no good, we set goals, make our 1/5/10 year plans, and incant our favorite affirmations.


You gotta buck up, son (or daughter)!  Time to be real with yourself.  If you didn’t reach your goals last year, doing the same thing and expecting it to be different is…well, you know…cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!

But Everybody’s Doing It

And by January 31 (or sooner), all the day planners will be tossed aside, the budgets will be blown, and the gyms will be empty again.

If you want to affect real change in your life, here are some tips.

1. Focus
Get clear about what you want and why. (Hint: best way to find this is by becoming still) Fight every urge to “get busy.” You’ll become distracted with the external and neglect the internal, where the true motivation lies.

2. Discipline Yourself
It takes true courage and self-discipline to sit quietly and change the makeup of your mind and behaviors. Do it anyway.

3. Take Action
Only after you have focused your attention as much as you possibly can and have disciplined your mind and adopted new beliefs and ways of thinking, can you hope to take action with true resolve.

You’ll know you’ve come to this point when you have absolute clarity and the action flows almost effortlessly from deep conviction from within.

Then you may find that you don’t even need all the day planners, goal-setting tricks and other mechanics to do the work you were meant to.

The Secret of It All

That’s the secret of it all, you see.  It’s not about setting goals, making resolutions and setting good intentions.

Creating change is about connecting with who you really are in order to do what you alone were meant to do!

So dare to make a change this year.  Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, dare to run counter-current.  Dare to find yourself–your true self.  And dare to do the work that you were meant to do.

That’s the secret sauce, folks. I could close up and go home now (but I won’t cuz most of you didn’t get it, and those of you who did will need periodic reminders).

So we’ll be here on this road together into a fantastic 2012.  We’re gonna make this baby scream “Uncle!” before we’re done!