Why “Playing Big” in the World Is an Ego Trip

Are You Playing Big Enough in the World?

thoughtful ThursdayYou aren’t meeting your potential. You know that you have more to give. There’s just got to be more to life.

Disappointment. Uncertainty. Frustration. Constant companions.

Not enough.

If only I could do more, you think.

If only I could make a bigger impact. Make a bigger splash. Make a mark.

If only…Are You Playing Big Enough with Handcuffs image

I’m not (pretty, smart, successful, etc.) enough.

If only I could __________.

I should be more. Do more. Have more. [Read more…]


Excuse Me…But Your Ego is Showing

Threat is a Myth That Exposes the Ego

Your Ego Is Showing

Today I learned a valuable lesson that I’ve actually learned before, but apparently needed to review.

I am not responsible for someone
else’s reaction to me or to life.
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 As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been conducting some training at work.  This morning, a group came into our class for the training.

This is a short training (about an hour), but is essential because we’re updating systems and everyone needs to be trained before the new system goes live. [Read more…]