Why I Suck At Conventional Job Interviews and You Should Too! (Or How To Be Remarkable)

Photo Credit: pdbreen

I suck at conventional job interviews! I’m too honest.

I show up as myself and not as a caricature of who the interviewer wishes I were.

Often an interviewer doesn’t know what she really wants. Worse than that, I think most interviewers want to be fed a line.  Honest.

That’s why you get a question like, “what would your friends say is your greatest challenge/achievement?”

She really means: Tell me if you can follow the rules, play nice with others and not rock the boat.

Like most people in life, interviewers want (fake) you to show up and convince them why (fake) you fits the image they’ve already created in their head of who they want you to be.

In Life, You Don’t Wanna Get Hired…
You Wanna Be Remarkable!

Okay…maybe you do want to get hired, but you have to admit that you want to make your mark.  You want to have an impact.  The job is just the game board you play on, right?

So I’m going to tell you the best way to stand out, and you can thank me later…or send candy/booze/money (not necessarily in that order!) [Read more…]


Because You’re Still in the Room


Photo Credit: David Martyn Hunt

Hey! You. Standing in the corner…

I see you.

Hugging the shadows with your eyes half-open, completely consumed by the music, you are hiding in a room full of people.

Strange…because the only person I noticed is you. [Read more…]