Are You Living Life Like a Fat Man At a Hotdog Eating Contest?

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The Sitting Space is a regular feature in which I share the real-life challenges I’m “sitting” with and the lessons I have learned along the way. I hope it will inspire, enlighten and encourage you.

Do you feel like the second place finisher at the hot dog eating contest?

You shovel it in. You gasp for air. You sweat to the finish. But somehow you never come out on top.

You don’t wanna be that second-place hot dog guy. You make yourself sick–and honestly, we’re all about to hurl with you as we watch.

hotdogs on a plateDid you ever think you may be in the wrong game?

No matter how much you struggle, strive, and sacrifice, it’s never enough.

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2:003 AWAKE! Podcast – How Can I Build Confidence to Change My Job?

Ooops! I’m on the Wrong Path…What Now?

In the previous episode, I addressed a listener’s question about how to regain motivation and confidence when you feel trapped. If you haven’t had a chance to catch that episode, be sure to do so.

Season 2, Episode 2

In this episode, I answer this listener question: “I know I need to change my job. It’s eating me up inside. How can I build enough confidence in myself to change my job without fear of failure and rejection?”

I share 3 power questions to ask before you make a major shift in any area of your life. You can download my free worksheet to help you answer these questions in your own life.

Power Question Info Sheet

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2:002 AWAKE! Podcast – How to Build Confidence and Regain Your Motivation

Duration – 14:24

 Help…I’m Stuck!

The feeling of being stuck drains the energy, motivation and drive from you. No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to get going again when your values are not aligned with the action you take.

In this episode, a listener says: “I’m feeling pretty unmotivated in my job, but it’s not the work itself, it’s me.  I feel like an artist who wants to do great work but has completely lost his drive. How can I get it back?”

It’s All About Confidence

I answer this question and give you a simple 4-step process to help you find clarity regain your passion and motivation.  I have also created a printable worksheet to help you if you’re feeling stuck.

“Help…I’m Stuck!” Worksheet

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Be sure to catch the next episode when I answer a listener’s question about how to make a switch when you realize you’re off track.


Is What You Want Holding You Back?

Sending Mixed Signals

Red and Green Mixed Traffic SignalsNothing is more frustrating than a night of flirting only to be snubbed at the last dance, just the other day, I realized that I was sending the Universe mixed signals.  

A week ago, we relocated to another city, several states away. My partner received one of those “pack-up-your-life-and-go” job offers, and so I folded my neatly pressed life, stuffed it in a carry-on bag and jetted out the door.

Once I arrived in the new city, anxiety started clawing at my stomach like Gollum clinging to the ring of power.  Life is the best it’s ever been and I’m still riddled with anxiety even though there is no reason for it.  Weird feeling.

So what gives? I asked myself.

What Do You Really Want?

I realized that what you really want (or say you want) may not be consistent with the energy you send out into the world, and that was my problem.

The anxiety was just the symptom.  The stress of starting over and finding a new job consumed me. I knew I needed a new job…or at least I believed that I needed one. But the truth is, I didn’t really know if I wanted a new job.

Do you see the inconsistency?

My assumptions said: I need a new job. My desire said: I want to work as a spiritual teacher.

My belief in my dream didn’t support the reality that I wanted to bring into my experience (that of being a spiritual teacher).  So, I realized that something had to give.

That’s when uncertainty attacked. What should I do?

How to Bring Desire into Alignment

Desires or dreams come easily. You were made to dream. Dreaming is a fundamental part of what makes us human. The challenge lies in bringing desire down from the clouds and grounding it here on earth.

In a recent interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, Author Steven Pressfield said this about desire.

The more important the dream is to your soul’s evolution,
the greater the resistance to it. -Steven Pressfield
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To bring the emotional energy you’re projecting into the world into alignment in a way that allows your dream to manifest you have to do two things.

1. Make sure your emotions are consistent with the desire.
2. Take informed action and allow the results to manifest.

How to Balance Inconsistent Emotions

Emotions fluctuate. How can you balance them with desire? It is easy if you don’t get too specific.  This seems counter intuitive–especially when most “law of attraction” gurus are teaching people to visualize more specifically.

But most of us get way too specific about our desire and how it should unfold, but our emotional output doesn’t yet match the intensity of the vibration of that desire. So we are already starting at a place of misalignment.  Then we get discouraged and think we’re doing something wrong when it doesn’t appear.

Instead, focus on feeling good. Find the ways that you can create and experience the feeling of gratitude and joy and you have positioned yourself already at a higher emotional frequency.

Once you are calibrated to this better-feeling emotion, you can more easily create a vision of what you desire.  A great way to begin to do this is to ask positive ‘what if’ questions.

What if I make the perfect connection in this new city which leads to a fulfilling job that helps me grow on my way to becoming a powerful and successful spiritual teacher?

Do you see how I turned my previous negative assumptions around?  That is the beginning.

What if everything works out?
What if I have all that I need to accomplish my goal?
What if I find that I can trust myself to make the best decision that serves me and all involved?

So don’t despair if you’re having a hard time realizing your dream.  Keep working toward it. It’s all part of your soul’s evolution. You will succeed if you don’t give up.

How to Take Powerful Action

Most of us jump right to taking action.  We’re an action-oriented society.  But Powerful Action means taking action that aligns with your energy and desire. Energy, Desire and Action make up the power triad. When your energy, your goal–or desire, and your action are aligned, you have all you need to create the art of your life.

Clear energy and clear desire leads to clear action. (Tweet This)

If you take the step to elevate your energetic emotional impulse and direct your intention toward a clear desire, you will see the next step in front of you.  Better yet, you will be confident to take the next step.

For me, this meant obtaining the perfect “bridge” job as I continue to build my spiritual teaching practice.  Now that I have greater clarity, this bridge job does not deflate me but it actually serves to motivate me.

If you will follow these simple guidelines, you’ll find that you have moved from simple flirtation with happiness and fulfillment. If you’ll let the creative source of the Universe take the lead, you’ll feel the exhilaration as you zip across life’s dance floor with grace.

What Is Your Plan?

What dream would you like to make headway with? What is the next step you need to take? How will you implement these 2 principles to help you take the next step toward that dream?

Photo Credit: Paola Kizette Cimenti


Let Your Light Shine!

Mineral deposits on Pictured Rocks, MI (USA)

The dramatic colors on the surface of the rock face in this image are created by water springs which push the minerals out of the rock through openings on the surface.

Once the minerals reach the outside, they oxidize and create beautiful markings on the rock face (I believe the white streaks in the pic are calcium).
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The Value of You

Your Value Lies in YOU!

Your value doesn’t lie in how well you measure up to someone else’s expectations.

Your value doesn’t lie in how many check marks you hit on someone else’s evaluation.

Your value lies in YOU.

The part of you that is a unique expression of divine love on earth. The part of you that is perfect and complete. [Read more…]


How to Be Confident (When You’re Shakin’ In Your Boots)!

Courage and 169 Minutes of Terror

Trudging from the theater, my mind was foggy. I was completely disoriented by what I’d just witnessed.

It was like I had been there.

The skies were gray and angry. The seas churned and spat.

The doors fell open. Wave after wave, young men rolled up on the shore, welcomed by the barrage of the machine gun fire.

Some ducked and dodged. Others didn’t have the chance.



June 4, 1944

The opening moments of Saving Private Ryan changed me. It has been 14 years since I saw that footage, but I will never forget it.
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017: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Develop Confidence and Courage

The only way to produce confidence is to be courageous enough to face your fears and step into them.  Taking action, produces results and creates momentum.

Results + Momentum = Confidence

Often we get sidetracked evaluating our options.  Make a decision, take action, then evaluate.  The time to evaluate is after you’ve begun to produce results.

This episode will teach you how to build courage in trusting your intuition. You will learn several ways to identify that you are on the “right track”.

You’ll also learn why it is so essential that you begin to create results in order to build confidence.



How to Accept Criticism as a Gift

You experience criticism. I experience criticism. We all experience criticism.  Perhaps you try to avoid it all costs. If so, it may seem difficult to see the gift in criticism.

I want to show you how because it will transform the way you live and will help strengthen your sense of confidence and  personal power.

Over the next 3 weeks, I’m going to be covering 3 areas that many of us struggle with when following our dreams–criticism, building confidence, and setting boundaries. [Read more…]


015: AWAKE! Podcast – Bringing Certainty to Uncertainty

The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain!

Uncertainty is essential to us or we would become bored with our lives. In fact, sometimes when our lives are too certain, we consciously (or unconsciously) create uncertainty.

If you know that life flows with uncertainty, then you are ahead of the game because most people live as if uncertainty is totally unexpected. They are shocked, hurt or even traumatized when it happens.

You become powerful when you bring the a confident knowing to the uncertainty of life. If you learn to bring certainty to the uncertainty, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest!