2:003 AWAKE! Podcast – How Can I Build Confidence to Change My Job?

Ooops! I’m on the Wrong Path…What Now?

In the previous episode, I addressed a listener’s question about how to regain motivation and confidence when you feel trapped. If you haven’t had a chance to catch that episode, be sure to do so.

Season 2, Episode 2

In this episode, I answer this listener question: “I know I need to change my job. It’s eating me up inside. How can I build enough confidence in myself to change my job without fear of failure and rejection?”

I share 3 power questions to ask before you make a major shift in any area of your life. You can download my free worksheet to help you answer these questions in your own life.

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2:002 AWAKE! Podcast – How to Build Confidence and Regain Your Motivation

Duration – 14:24

 Help…I’m Stuck!

The feeling of being stuck drains the energy, motivation and drive from you. No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to get going again when your values are not aligned with the action you take.

In this episode, a listener says: “I’m feeling pretty unmotivated in my job, but it’s not the work itself, it’s me.  I feel like an artist who wants to do great work but has completely lost his drive. How can I get it back?”

It’s All About Confidence

I answer this question and give you a simple 4-step process to help you find clarity regain your passion and motivation.  I have also created a printable worksheet to help you if you’re feeling stuck.

“Help…I’m Stuck!” Worksheet

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Be sure to catch the next episode when I answer a listener’s question about how to make a switch when you realize you’re off track.


026: AWAKE! Podcast – Personal Freedom and the Space Between Stimulus and Response

The Space of Freedom

Awake Podcast Logo

The power of our potential lies in the space between what happens in our lives (stimulus) and what we think, feel and do about it (response).

This episode explores the the idea of personal freedom and how to expand this space between stimulus and response to enhance self-control and personal empowerment.

I also share the difference between reaction and response and how a subtle shift can make a huge difference in the outcomes you create.

Duration: 14:09


015: AWAKE! Podcast – Bringing Certainty to Uncertainty

The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain!

Uncertainty is essential to us or we would become bored with our lives. In fact, sometimes when our lives are too certain, we consciously (or unconsciously) create uncertainty.

If you know that life flows with uncertainty, then you are ahead of the game because most people live as if uncertainty is totally unexpected. They are shocked, hurt or even traumatized when it happens.

You become powerful when you bring the a confident knowing to the uncertainty of life. If you learn to bring certainty to the uncertainty, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest!


004: AWAKE! Podcast – Eradicating Excuses

In this episode I discuss excuses.

We talk about what excuses are.  I share two types of excuses we create in our lives which inhibit us from achieving our goals.  I also share the reason why I believe that we create excuses.

Finally, I share some insights about how to overcome excuses in order to take charge of your own life.


002: AWAKE! – The Missing Piece

On this episode, I discuss the “missing piece” that keeps us from creating momentum in our lives and how we can combat this obstacle.