Why “Playing Big” in the World Is an Ego Trip

Are You Playing Big Enough in the World?

thoughtful ThursdayYou aren’t meeting your potential. You know that you have more to give. There’s just got to be more to life.

Disappointment. Uncertainty. Frustration. Constant companions.

Not enough.

If only I could do more, you think.

If only I could make a bigger impact. Make a bigger splash. Make a mark.

If only…Are You Playing Big Enough with Handcuffs image

I’m not (pretty, smart, successful, etc.) enough.

If only I could __________.

I should be more. Do more. Have more. [Read more…]


Put Yer Crazy on Display!

Let Yer Crazy Show!

Chair from “red room” at House on the Rock
Spring Green – WI

The problem with you and me is that we are too concerned with what other people think.

Right down the highway from where I live is an attraction called The House on the Rock. 

The house was constructed by Alex Jordan. Along with the house, are the most unique and strange collections in a “museum” housed on the grounds.

Some of the items in the collection are breath-taking, rare and beautiful.  Other parts of the collections are just plain bizarre.

All of it is 100% over-the-top! (as you can see from the chair pictured here) [Read more…]


Power, Force and Love — Let’s Get Naked!

You dirty pervs!

Sorry, but this post is really about personal power and authenticity.  (Okay, maybe I’m not really that sorry)

So if you’re pissed off now, I understand.  Tell me about it in the comments and if I get enough people who are really pissed I might write a real blog post about getting naked!

About Personal Power…

Here’s the real deal!

Force stands naked next to Love.  She is exposed, childish and impotent.

Love need not compel, for she is sufficient.

Love need not manipulate, for she is secure.

Love need not search for completion, for she is whole.

Power possesses the ability to compel, manipulate and coerce, yet she realizes that there is no need.

True Power lies in the possession of true love. Once you hold her, she will embrace you; and then you can never be lost or abandoned.

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Image Credit: afunkydamsel