Let Your Light Shine!

Mineral deposits on Pictured Rocks, MI (USA)

The dramatic colors on the surface of the rock face in this image are created by water springs which push the minerals out of the rock through openings on the surface.

Once the minerals reach the outside, they oxidize and create beautiful markings on the rock face (I believe the white streaks in the pic are calcium).
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Life is Like a River–Let it Flow

Life is Like a River

Life is a lot like a river.  It flows along the path of least resistance.

It can provide beauty, facilitate commerce as well as recreation, and still be unpredictable at points.

“Little Adventures”

The Media Naranja (better half) and I periodically go on what we call our “little adventures.”

Like many awesome traditions, I’m not quite sure how this one started for us.

The “little adventures” are planned–sometimes in advance, but more often, they are a result of whatever follows, “Hey, let’s go…”

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5 Things They Say You Should Resist

Photo Credit: Zokarko

They Say You Should Resist…




…Your Own Mortality


What If ‘They’ Are Wrong?!?