The Affirmation That Changed My Life

My Most Destructive Affirmation

Me on my 3rd B-day

I was not even aware of the most destructive affirmation in my life.

It was planted in my mind when I was a small child.  No one said it to me, but because I said it to myself…and believed it, it became my truth.

My most destructive affirmation was this:  I am ugly.

I believed I was ugly. Because I thought I was ugly, I was always finding other destructive beliefs to support this core affirmation.

I hated my skinny arms.  I thought my face was ugly. I hated my hair.

These beliefs affected every area of my life.  They affected my confidence (or lack of it) and even the way I dressed.

I would  often wear clothes 10 times too big trying to hide the fact that I was skinny.  In reality, it just enhanced the fact. [Read more…]


020: AWAKE! Podcast – The Affirmation That Changed My Life

The 2 Affirmations

In this episode, I share the 2 most powerful affirmations (one negative and one positive) that shaped my life.

I talk briefly about what an affirmation is, why it is so powerful and then share two or three powerful affirmations that I use and that you can implement to shift things in your life.

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