In Which I Prove that Doing the Impossible is Normal

Dare the Impossible

Do the Impossible


It seems so much more daunting that it really is.

It’s only because you and I have certain beliefs we hold about what is possible or not–and even beliefs about the idea of possibility.

We think that the impossible is something that is grand and overwhelming–that only the superheroes and over-achievers attempt. [Read more…]


12-Step Program for “Epic Shit” Addicts

“My name is Steve, and I am an addict.” I am addicted to doing epic shit.

Young Me--Can u tell it was the 90's?

Right out of college, I seriously looked into running a small resort in the Caribbean (which I never ended up buying).

Several years later, I started and failed in my first (different) business.

Most recently, I decided to write, publish and promote my first book–on my own. [Read more…]