Spilled Milk to You is a Windfall to Your Cat

“The loss isn’t real until you sell!”

I was sitting in my high school economics class when the instructor delivered this insight on investing.

“It’s only a paper loss. You don’t actually lose the money until you sell,” he explained.

In the game of life, the aphorism is, loss is only real when you believe it is. Tweet It!


Loss is a myth.

You waste your life dreading, avoiding and fearing loss.  You do everything in your power to prevent it.

What would happen if you quit playing the game?

Yeah, But…

“Yeah, but…” is for weenies. It’s for every man or woman who thinks he or she is the exception to the rule.

All of us have a million excuses for why we aren’t…whatever.

Each of us can think of a list of losses we have faced.  It’s all bullshit…every last excuse, and the sooner you call yourself out on it, the sooner you can move on to a belief that serves you better.

Every loss you’ve ever experienced happened in your own head.

Think about it.

“I lost my job (and with it my dignity, self-respect and opportunity to get ahead).”  A story!

“I lost my lover (and with him/her, my happiness, life and meaning).” A story!

“I lost my purpose (and with it my sense of self and connection to God).”  Bullshit!

1. An event happens

2. You perceive it

3. You make up a story about it (i.e., loss).

Loss is always gain in disguiseJulia Cameron

It’s all about what you choose to believe.

Everything is. It always is.

Loss isn’t real until you make it real and experience it in your mind and in your body.  TWEET IT!

What Do You Believe?

That’s the all-important question.

What will you choose to believe?  Answer carefully, for it will shape the entirety of your life. It already has.

Good news is that you can change your belief any time.

What past “losses” have turned out to be gains for you in the long run?

Better yet, what are you afraid of losing? What would be different if you truly believed there is no loss?  How can you challenge that fear to change your experience of it?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  Please share.

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  • Like the perspective, Steve. Although a loss happens, it really becomes how long we dwell on it, learn from it, and then move forward from it. Too many, as you point out, may stay stuck in the “dwell” moment. We need to take a deep breath, stiffen our backbone, and move forward. Thanks! Jon

    • I agree, Jon. The “loss” happens in our head…meaning the sense of loss. The circumstance is what happens. The story we tell creates the feelings of loss. Maybe I should have been more articulate to say the *feelings* of loss are a myth or at least do not need to be experienced if we choose another path.

      Appreciate your thoughtful comment and making me think from a slightly expanded perspective.