The Three Questions Every “Soulpreneur” Must Ask (and answer)

You Have a Message to Share

You want to make an impact.  No, you must make and impact.

Fire and BrimstoneEven when you were a little kid, you knew that you were meant for something great. You knew you had something to say to the world that only you could say.

Then life got in the way. It does for all of us.

Here’s the thing.  You are not alone. Every single one of us has a unique and powerful perspective that we bring to the world.

But you and I–all of us–spend our life time muting that perspective.

We sand our “rough edges” and at the same time, blunt our originality.

Discounting your personal value and the essence of your perspective
is the supreme mistake of your life.
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Tough Medicine

What is the antidote?

I wish it were easy. It isn’t.

It takes work to remember who you are, embrace who you are, and deliver yourself unreservedly to the world.

Here’s the truth:

You won’t fit in.

They won’t understand you (or the choices you make).

You will probably feel isolated at times.

This is also truth:

You must persevere.

They will eventually respect you (and the choices you’ve made)

You are not alone. You are unique

The Soulpreneur’s Mission

Whether you realize it or not, you are a soulpreneur.  Even if you’re not in business for yourself, you are crafting the life you were meant to lead.

Pouring Liquid Gold

This requires you to turn your back on convention.  You have to face your fears and realize that you are more than your fears. You have to forge your own path and make a way.

You must recognize that the obstacles that you face are merely the cauldrons in which the power of the heat of your adversity is held–the crucible of the strength that lies within you.

The 3 Questions

As a soulpreneur, you must ask three vital questions.  The true answers lie only within the fire of the depths of your own soul!

1. Who do I serve?

2. How do I serve?

3. How do I want to be paid?

How do those sit with you? Does the third question rub you the wrong way? Good.

Then you have found that you have a spiritual hang-up–yes, that’s the official term–with valuing your gifts.

How do I know? I once faced the same squirm-in-my-seat sort of discomfort with every part of that third question.

I was damn good at the serving part.  Not so much when it came to getting paid. Especially when it came to me deciding how I wanted to be paid!

You see, as soon as I was ten years old and my brother and I started our first paper route, a boss told us how we were going to be paid.  $XX per paper,” he said.

Then, at sixteen, I got a “real” job and the boss said, “$XX per hour.”

Wow, I’m making great money! I thought.

I never questioned how I wanted to be paid.  Imagine if I had taken even an hour at the age of sixteen and really considered how I wanted to be paid.

I could have chosen to be paid in any number of ways.

You can too. It’s not too late.  You can choose.

The highest rates of pay are created by a conscious decision to create a better path for energy–in the form of money–to flow to you.  Tweet It!

If you get this principle, it will transform your life (and your financial situation).  I promise.

Now Over to You

I would love to hear your answers to these 3 powerful questions.

Since you’re reading this, I have a feeling you’ve given one, or maybe even two, of them a lot of thought.

Which one have you not given much consideration?  What obstacles have you faced when you answered these questions?

How did you overcome those obstacles?  Please join in the conversation in the comments below.

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About Steve

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Steve,

    Just like we were conversing over at my blog I know that a lot of this same thing rings true here. We have to find our own voice and be authentic before we start to see how much we can help others and then I think the rest of it eventually does fall into place. There is an uneasiness to it all I know but it’s just part of the growing process I believe.

    Glad you have gotten past this barrier now and so have I. It took awhile but it sure was worth it.

    Love this post, thanks for sharing this with us.


    • Thanks as always for the kind support. You’re right…that is one of the most interesting things to me…the uneasiness….that’s the perfect word to describe it.

      It’s ironic that it feels “uneasy” at first to be authentic. And some of us never do get there. It’s just too painful, scary or just feels impossible. But for the person who perseveres, it’s well worth the effort as you pointed out.

      It’s hard to explain that to someone who’s in the middle of that struggle though, isn’t it? I’ve found that my best energy is spent being a light and cheerleader for those who are behind me on the path. The motivation then can rise from within their own soul.

  • A “soulpreneur” huh? I like the sound of that one, Steve! Lately, I’ve been clarifying my own spiritual journey, and it has been an enlightening one. It isn’t defined by what I’ve been taught it to be, but it has drawn me closer to my the Higher Source’s purpose for my life. In fact, I’ve been focusing on the three questions you’ve posed here for myself. I know that the people I’m meant to serve are those who have battled many of the things I’ve had to battle. Things like neglect, rejection, and those who have been expected to “dim their light” so that others could be able to shine. How am I to serve? Through sharing my thoughts, insights, and how I went about breaking free and reclaiming my identity. The pay part… that’s where I’ve hit somewhat of a dead end. I know that once I finish the book I’ve been working on it will provide me with an avenue to seeing retribution for my services. The eBook has done better than I thought it would, but I know that I can do so much better than it has done for myself. Thank you for bring this topic to the forefront though. It will certainly help me clear out the fog and get this ball rolling even more than it has already. I am a Soulpreneur, after all. 😉

    • Let me tell you…I can see the clarification you referred to a mile away. It’s so evident what is happening for you personally, Deone and is such an encouragement to all of us watching and learning from you!

      i’m glad this post connected with you. I definitely would call you a soulpreneur! We’re on similar paths, I think, you and I. I know what you mean about struggling a bit to find your footing when it comes to how you want to be paid. (I’m going to forward a fantastic tool that Kesha shared with me)

      Anyway, it is a challenge to many people, i think who are trying to make their mark. This has really helped me to see where my greatest value lies. In the coming months, I intend to develop tools and programs to help people like ourselves–soulpreneurs–to be able to link what I call our “important work,” the work we must do in the world, with the mechanics and strategies necessary to allow the flow of energy in the form of money.

      Things are changing in our economy (of course) and in our society. Those who share meaning and personal power are going to be the movers and shakers of the next generation, but we also have to find congruent and authentic ways to create industry and commerce in a way that is ethical and honors our calling.

      Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for some great resources and insights.

  • Hey, I want Kesha’s tool, too! Such an AWESOME post, Steve!! Who do I serve? Women. How do I serve? By using writing, color analysis & fashion feng shui to help women get in touch with who they were meant to be, who they are at the core. How would I like to be paid? Handsomely! 🙂 But choosing prices is still a challenge for me. Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Jeanine. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll forward you this tool on FB. I love your answer: hansomely—so apropros.

      I know what you mean about setting prices as a challenge. I think this is a big one that many of us face.

      I’m planning to do some really cool work to help “soulpreneurs” like you and me to be more profitable and successful in our “important work” endeavors.