The Value of You

Your Value Lies in YOU!

Your value doesn’t lie in how well you measure up to someone else’s expectations.

Your value doesn’t lie in how many check marks you hit on someone else’s evaluation.

Your value lies in YOU.

The part of you that is a unique expression of divine love on earth. The part of you that is perfect and complete.

Consider the Blue Shell

Did you notice it?  Look again.

Do you see the blue shell in the picture? (In the RH corner)

There it is. All by itself in a sea of ordinary, yet unique rocks.

Is it beautiful because you noticed it?  Or…is it beautiful because it exists?

Your worth lies not in the notice others pay you,
but in the fact that you exist.

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So it doesn’t matter what (or who) you’re surrounded by. Your value doesn’t reside there.  It is within you.

Highlight it. Emphasize it. Celebrate it!

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About Steve

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  • It’s incredibly important for us to own our self-worth and value, Steve. I totally agree with you! Refusing to do so will ultimately leave us susceptible for others to tell us what our value is to them; which in my past experience, is never the equivalent of what it really is for us. People have a tendency to allow themselves to see only what their eyes are capable of seeing, and we are all more than our physical appearance – SO much more! I love the tweetable quote in this post, as well – it is right on point! Thanks for sharing this, my friend. Powerful stuff here! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping in this Sunday, Deeone and sharing my post.

      I love your insight: “People have a tendency to allow themselves to see only what their eyes are capable of seeing…” Right on target.

  • Oh my, you had me at rocks…and shells…both of which fascinate me and draw me to them. I can spend hours walking along a beach, picking up stones, observing them and enjoying them. I have them (and shells) placed throughout my house, and they bring me such joy.

    This is the only moment that is. Value, like motivation, is an inside-out job.I like your blue shell question…puts me in mind of the “if a tree falls in the forest and you aren’t there to hear it, does it make a noise?”

    If we depend upon others’ validation, our life is an empty shell, not a blue one. Cheers! Kaarina

    • I loved this picture for that very reason, Kaarina. It was “ordinary” yet extraordinary. Glad you enjoyed it. It was taken on the coast of Lake Michigan here in Wisconsin.

      Love this===> “If we depend on others’ validation, our life is an empty shell”

  • Steve, amazing how much you packed into this simple post! We all need to be reminded about our value and to really see in our selves, our inner selves where we live. Thank you! I am also an avid collector of small stones and shells whether broken or whole. They help me feel grounded.

    • Thank you so much, Marilyn. This is what I hope to do with the posts on Sunday during July…just something simple and (hopefully) profound to start the week off right.