What Role Does Taking Action Play in Crafting a Well-Lived Life?

Note: This is the final part of a 3-part series inspired by insights from my book, An Imperceptible Spark.  Check out part one and part two if you haven’t already.



The epitomic call of the movie director is a great analogy for life.

Most of us live our life as if the call were, “Action…Action…Action!”  We blunder through life without any real understanding of what we’re doing and no record of analysis by which to weigh the action we’re taking.

Others live life as if the phrase were, “Camera…Camera…Camera!”  We are so reflective that we never actually get to the point of really taking any action.

We’re worried about the shot angle and the subject composition, and everything else.  And just when we get it perfect, we decide that we should start over.  The analysis, that is.  We are paralyzed.

Still others of us believe the phrase is, “Lights…Lights…Lights!”   We get as much information as we can.  Then we get educated.  Then we do a study. Then we get more education. Then we decide we need another certification or degree.

The key is to put things in the proper perspective.

Gain understanding or education (lights), do your reflection and planning and then take action.  You have to keep the process well-ordered, or you will end up paralyzed by fear.

Thought Drives Action

All your action is driven by your thoughts (or emotions, which are created by thoughts/beliefs).

When thoughts change, actions change
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When my thoughts changed, so did the actions I was taking. Of course, when I took different action, I started getting different results, and that is when the external shifts started to occur and my external experience started to transform.

From An Imperceptible Spark

Changing your thoughts changes the direction of the action you take.  Your thoughts either make you more effective or less.  It’s seldom really about the action you take, yet this is where most people focus first.

If you don’t want to be “most people,” do something different and focus on your thoughts and then your action will align properly.

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  • Hi Steve,

    Just checking back in and saying hello after the UBC is done! Looks like a lot of bloggers are taking a break after the daily posting challenge. Can’t say I blame them!

    I like your reference to lights, camera, action. So true that people are stuck at various levels of the game!

    • Hi there, Amy! Thanks so much for checking back in! You’re right…I kinda let myself get wiped out there at the end…almost made it to the finish line (ended up not posting the last 2-3 days).

      I did gain great value from the exercise, though. Things have also gotten more busy life-wise, so that’s always a challenge to readjust.

      I hope you are well. And I do appreciate you connecting! 🙂