Jump Into the Flow, and Abandon Resistance!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – MI

The trees atop this cliff are stunted because the flow of the waves crashes against the resistance of the stone face.

In the winter, it freezes over the trees, building up several feet of ice until they buckle under the pressure.

You are the same.

If you live your life at the edge of resistance to life’s flow, you will be buckled by the weight of the obstacles that crash into your life.

Even the stone is eventually worn away with the constant flow of the water’s tide.

How much better to jump into the flow of life and abandon the edge of resistance all together!

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Note: This post is part of the 31-post Ultimate Blog Challenge. During the month of July, 2012, I will be posting 31 times. Since this is a lot of posts over a short period of time, I prepared a special page where you can catch any you may have missed.

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  • Hi Steve! I love this! Change seems to be a theme in the blogosphere today! Check out Bill’s post and Sandi’s post (I don’t know how to tag them here – why don’t you get Livefyre 😉
    This ultimate blog challenge sounds brutal! Good thing you already wrote the GO for LFI!
    Happy Thursday!

    • Hi, Lori! Thanks so much for your comment and promotion of this post. Maybe I should look into Livefyre. 🙂

      The Blog Challenge isn’t bad, because I decided I didn’t want it to stress me out…so I wrote well in advance then just scheduled the posts in each day. I have the first week of July done and most of the weekend posts (which are shorter). Have 3 more podcast episodes to record for the consequent Mondays, but shouldn’t be bad. Will do another batch of posts this weekend if I can.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  • In a word, YES!!!!!

    • haha…thx, my friend. Glad it’s “yes” from you.