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You can now submit your burning life questions to be answered on the AWAKE! Podcast. I will respond to each submission and let you know what episode your question will be featured on so you can listen and share with your friends.

Submit your question via voicemail

This method is preferred as I would love to have your question in your own words. (You have a full 90 seconds to record your question, so take your time, speak clearly and succinctly)

Or, you may also submit your question via this contact form

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All It Takes Is One Insight

image of a mountain climber's rope

What if you gained that one insight which transformed your entire life today?

Often a single stroke of insight will change everything. One idea, gripping you like a mountain-climbing harness will elevate you to unimaginable heights.

Imagine climbing through life without restraint, confident in the knowledge that you are doing what you’re meant to do, in the way you’re meant to do it, with the people and support needed to accomplish the task?

How would life change if you knew you were following your dream?

Get Your Question Answered

Building a happy, fulfilled and successful life is not always easy, but it is possible and–more importantly–worth it.  I have done it. You can too.

This past year, I stopped in my own life, took a moment to look up and realized I was happy. Not the giggly, superficial kind of happy; the deep, still-waters kind of happy.

Satisfied. Content. Tranquil. (Notice I didn’t say “problem-less”)

Wow, I thought. I am truly happy. People like me don’t get to be happy. Still, here I am.

I am relaunching the AWAKE! Podcast and would like to help you gain clarity in your life.  Please contact me using the link or form below and tell me what your burning question is.  I will answer each correspondence and let you know which episode of the podcast your answer will be featured on.

Send a question via voice message

You don’t have to live an “epic” life to live a fulfilled life. (Tweet This)

You don’t have to move a mountain to live in faith. You don’t have to solve the world’s greatest problems to achieve significance. You are significant because you are here. You are worthy because you breathe. You are deserving because you have the courage to ask.

The poet Robert Frost tells us that taking the road less-traveled can make all the difference in life. That’s what True Spiritual Awakening is all about. Taking the road less-traveled, in the most meaningful way for you. In the end I promise that it will have made all the difference!

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