“To Infinity…and Beyond!”

Perspective is Everything

Infinity Room – House on the Rock
Spring Green, WI

Near my house, there is a unique (I use this word very intentionally) site called The House on the Rock.

The house was built into the side of the cliff face by an architect several decades ago.  The house is fascinating, but my favorite room is called the “Infinity Room”.

The sides are constructed of panes of glass.  It stretches out from the rock face hundreds of feet over the forest floor.

The room gets progressively smaller as you walk down the “hallway”  out into ‘infinity’.  The perspective makes it seem as if the room continues forever.

Life is About Perspective.

All that shit that’s hitting the fan right now?  It won’t last forever.

The things that seem so big today, won’t seem so big with time.

Back to Buzz Lightyear.  Remember the Infinity Room.

If you allow yourself to keep walking down the “hall,”  if I can use that analogy, circumstances will shift of their own accord.

Or probably more accurately, your perspective of the circumstances will shift.  And when you change, what you observe changes. (Tweet This)

How to Move On

At some point in our lives we all find ourselves in a place when we want to move on, don’t we?

It might be a job, or a relationship, but moving on can create a lot of anxiety too.

End of the Infinity Room

Think about the  Infinity Room again.

If you stop at the beginning and never walk out to the end of the hall, you don’t get to see that what looked unending at one end of the hall, is really finite at the other end.

This picture is taken at end of the room where people can no longer walk. Even from this perspective, it looks like it continues into infinity.

The reality is that the ceiling is at head-level.  The floor is just wide enough for a person to stand.

Unless you go to the way to the edge, you never realize that it isn’t real.

So it is with life. If you hold on to life as it was–good or bad–you never allow it to pass.

With the bad, this is harmful because you never “move on”.  With the good, it is detrimental because you never let go of the ‘good’ to reach your potential.

Bill Clinton As An Example

In his Ted Talk, Bill Clinton discussed life after the presidency.

As a relatively young man leaving the most powerful position in the world, he said he had to decide: would he become depressed and regret that he could never go back to that level of power, or would he look forward to the “next thing”.

He chose the latter.  The majority of his legacy in the world will probably be judged historically by good work he has done since his presidency concluded.

That is perspective.

You may not ever be the president.  You may never be the CEO of your company, but you can decide what your life will look like.

YOU make the choice as to whether your best is behind you or still to come.  The choice is yours to make.

Remember the Infinity Room. It’s all about perspective!

The drama of today may not really be as it appears.
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Infinity Room from the ground



Photo Credit: Russ

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  • Perspective is what a person will make of it for themselves. I believe that is a gift and I hope we all can use it for good in our lives.

    • I agree, Shawn! Perspective really is about each person’s point of view. It is a gift to be able to see life from another person’s perspective for sure!

  • Lynn Baillie

    Hi Steve – I choose to shape my life so that the best is still to come. I choose to leave the bad things behind and look forward to new challenges, new experiences, new relationships and a new me as I strive to continually improve. . .

    Onwards and upwards. 🙂


    • That’s awesome,Lynn! I’m so glad you’ve come to that place. How did you get there? Was there a specific or defining moment, or was it a step-by-step process?

  • I like this Steve! I’d love to visit that infinity room house! It seems this message is needed more and more these days as we move into the shift [note the “F” in the word!] Things are changing and only the brave keep on changing with them.
    P.S. Must look for that Clinton Ted Talk – I love those!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lori.

      I would love to take you and your family on a tour of the House on the Rock. If you ever wanna come down to Wisconsin, let me know! It’s a bit of a road trip, though.

      You would find it really incredible…but the rest of the museum is a bit “kooky” (meaning mad/crazy). I actually wrote a post this week about that too.

      Being flexible with the shift is really a challenge for sure! I’ll see if I can find the Clinton Talk. I found it on Netflix (do you have Netflix across the border?). I’ll let you know if I can find a link online.