Find Your Passion and Live From Your “Sweet Spot!”

I Consider Myself Many Things…










And in the past, I would have added “passionate” to the list.  In reality, I was still searching  for my passion in life.

Where Does Passion Come From?

Now I know passion comes from within.  I guess I always may have known it—any self-help book/guide/program will tell you this—but I had never experienced it myself.

I had never found the sacred space where the font of inspiration lies…that is, until now. I found the secret garden.  I did not plan it, nor was it what I expected it to be.

At this point, you may be wondering how I made this discovery.

Did the heavens split open with light from above?  Did I have some deep, life-changing epiphany?

The answer is yes…and no.

Life-changing, yes.  But not in a ramped-up, high-octane, hotel-seminar sort of way. It was life changing in the single-step, small-decision, “two-roads-diverged” kind of way.  Seems like all of these “road-less-taken” moments often precede the most life-altering decisions that you and I make, don’t they?

At the Crossroads

I hit a crossroads; and like the poet, I could not travel both roads.  I had to make a choice.

I won’t lie. I stood paralyzed there in the thicket of life a long time, considering both paths.  Finally, I gathered my strength and stepped out on the road with which I was least familiar.

I began charting my course as I went along. I made mistakes and course corrections. But then, a curious thing happened.  I reached a bend in the road, and I looked back toward my comfort zone. It was hard to see clearly from where I now stood.  I thought of how far I had come, and I chuckled and shook my head.

Then I turned back to the path that lay before me. Branches and weeds obscured it a bit. Stillness filled the air, and a lazy fog crept across the way. I couldn’t see the obstacles that lay in the path before me, but I knew they were there.

I was not afraid.

What is this? I thought, a bit surprised.  Where has this new-found courage come from?  

It was then I realized that the moment I chose to walk away from my comfort zone was the same moment I stepped into the center of my “sweet spot.”  (Tweet This)


As I took the next step I could see, I realized that I had found my passion, for it had never left in the first place.

Have You Found Your Passion?

Have you found your own passion-filled “sweet spot” in life? If so, have you ever come to a place where you felt passionless or as if you had lost your passion? How did you find it (or reclaim it)?



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  • I believe I have discovered my passion, Steve… wait, excuse me, “my sweet spot.” Loved that!

    It hasn’t always been what I expected it to be, nor has it been an easy journey to discover, but it has allowed me to see where much growth and further development in me practicing it is much needed. I know that I’m extremely passionate about it, because it’s the first thing I think about in the morning, all throughout my day, and the last thing I remember thinking about before I dose off to sleep at night. I even have to correct myself for feeling put out when someone pulls me away from it. However, sometimes, I have to pull myself away from it. It has definitely been life-changing for me, that’s for sure. But, as T.D. Jakes once said on one of Oprah’s Life Classes, “Our passion will lead us right into our purpose.” Nowadays, I welcome any form of change… it is long overdue for me. But, I know it’s not in my timing. I just have to continue reminding myself not to forget to live on my way to fulfilling that purpose. SMH… May the Beloved help me. I’ma need every bit of it! :))

    • I love your comments. Thanks for sharing your personal experience, Deone. I know you’re committed 100% to your process and developing. You are growing so much, and I’m sure you’ve experienced the growing pains — as have I. It’s worth it, but it can be frustrating sometimes.

      Hang in there and keep on, brother. You inspire me so many times you don’t even realize it.