Put Yer Crazy on Display!

Let Yer Crazy Show!

Chair from “red room” at House on the Rock
Spring Green – WI

The problem with you and me is that we are too concerned with what other people think.

Right down the highway from where I live is an attraction called The House on the Rock. 

The house was constructed by Alex Jordan. Along with the house, are the most unique and strange collections in a “museum” housed on the grounds.

Some of the items in the collection are breath-taking, rare and beautiful.  Other parts of the collections are just plain bizarre.

All of it is 100% over-the-top! (as you can see from the chair pictured here)

Let Yer Crazy Hang Out

Open Mouth of Whale
House on the Rock

Jordan collected what made him happy–whether it was dozens of ordinary, Santa Claus-shaped mugs, or rare oriental art.  He didn’t care what people thought of him.

The point is, if you wanna build a room and cover the walls, ceilings and floors in bright red shag carpet, do it.

If you want to construct a massive 3-story, 3-D battle between a giant whale and a killer squid–just to house your model ship collection, do it.

Follow the path of what makes you happy. Follow what lights you up inside. So few do.

The result will be that people will come from far and near to witness the passion of someone committed to putting their crazy on display!

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  • It’s true, so few do. We worry about what others think that we forget to honor ourselves and be true to our purpose. Good reminder, Steve.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jen and for the kind share and comments on Twitter. Often when I write, I’m reminding myself, but it’s so refreshing and uplifting when it connects with other people too. The power of others’ influence is so daunting sometimes.

  • Lisa | Practically Intuitive

    Hi Steve,
    Great thoughts – I remember telling my cousin that I wanted her (as yet unborn) son to call me Auntie Fifi because I wanted him to know I was a tad eccentric. She replied that he’d know that whether he called me Auntie FiFi or not! So, perhaps I let my wonderfully dorky and delightful self out more than I realize! 🙂

    • I love that you embrace your unique and “quirky” self. It is truly what makes each of us different, but we sometimes spend so much time not trying to stand out instead of embracing what helps us stand out as the gift that it is!

  • So often I get tied up in worrying what other people are going to think of me. I need to just do what I want and be myself!

    • That’s the key, isn’t it Diane? So glad that you stopped by the blog! Of course, this is easier said than done! LOL.

  • OMG. I have been there! When my husband and I first got together, this was a place that he said I HAD to see and I am so glad I did! What a unique and odd place. I am so lucky that it was close enough that I could see it!

    • That’s awesome, Amy…We say it looks like “Liberace on steroids.” It was very bizarre. We only live about 15 minutes away now, but haven’t been back. It’s amazing how much there is to see!