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True Spiritual Awakening is all about living an “awake” life.

My personal mission is to craft a “good God, I can’t wait to get up in the morning” sort of life and to help you to do the same.

I want you to have a life and career that sustains you in every way, while at the same time, enriches others.

Abstract philosophies and tired personal development concepts are like broken in fuzzy slippers–they may feel great, but they won’t last in a 100-yard dash.

It’s time to throw out the fuzzy slippers, put on some running shoes and step up to the starting line of your own life.

The First Step is to drop your name and e-mail address in the boxes below so that I can connect with you.  I’ll pass on the baton of the down and dirty, nitty-gritty lessons I learn as I’m whizzing around in my own leg of the race.  And I’ll even throw in a free electronic copy of my latest book, No Doubt: Stepping Out with Clarity and Confidence.

Three Pillars

There are 3 Pillars to a “shiver-n-quiver, rockin-good time” life

1. Wealth (Career/Business)

2. Relationships (with yourself and others)

3. Passion/Purpose (meaning)

If you are looking  to shore up any (or all) of these areas, you have found the right place.  I will help you to answer the “big” questions that you’re facing in a fundamental way that will help you make sense of your own life.

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