Looking for Your Calling? Step Right Up to My Bullhorn!

Have you ever had a dream so real that you wake up certain it was?

Yet once you’re awake, the “realness” quickly fades into the reality of everyday life, and the dream is just a foggy memory.

Years ago, I was lost and frustrated. What is my calling? I wondered.

Passion and purpose eluded me at every turn. I knew there was something within me that hinted at greatness, but I couldn’t quite pull it out. I felt like I was living in the fog of a dream, newly forgotten.

Ready to step in front of my bullhorn? Listen closely!

You are the captain of your own ship. Life’s only requests the direction. So if you are wasting your life time struggling to find out what it means…STOP IT!  

Your Orders, Captain?

You don’t have to struggle any more.  You give life meaning. You determine the purpose and destination of your journey.

I describe my transformation this way in my bookAn Imperceptible Spark.

I am the one calling to life, not the one to whom life calls.
I am the chart-maker.

“Great!  That’s wonderful,” I can hear you saying, “But I still don’t know what I want to do–or what I should  be doing.”

I understand. I’ve been there.

The answer lies deep in your soul, but it’s probably sitting right in front of you. The key is learning to value who you are and from there, you can decide what to do.

Most of us go about it the opposite way, don’t we?  We learn what to do, and then allow that to define who we are.

This week, I was privileged to guest blog at my buddy, Chrysta’s fantastic site, Live Love Work.  I wrote about how to uncover your gifts and apply your personal power in the service of your calling.

If you’re focusing on how to make money, I can tell you that you’re missing the boat on this one.

If your focus is on “building an audience/tribe, etc.,” then you’ve probably missed it too.

If your efforts come from an emotional space of desperation or uncertainty, then you need to dig deeper.

Calling vs. Career

Your calling/passion/purpose, etc., comes from within you. Your career/vocation is actually a product of understanding your purpose. Your job becomes a tool by which you express that purpose.

When you have absolute clarity about your message, then you will know, almost intuitively, when and how you are to do build a brand/audience/niche.

It’s all about going inside first, so that you can execute externally.  Most people do it ass backwards, but that’s okay. Let them.

Don’t be “most” people!

Remember to check out my post, Discover Your Personal Power over at Chrysta’s site.

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