Let’s Talk About God

Panache Desai and OprahThis morning I watched Super Soul Sunday and Oprah’s interview with Panache Desai.

“You are not broken,” said Panache. “Everything you need is within you.”

There is a universal force that we are all a part of.  It is Love.  Some call it God.  This is how Panache expressed it.

“Any words I would use to describe God would diminish God”
-Panache Desai (Tweet This)

In the opening lines of the Tao te Ching, Lao Tzu says, “The Tao (way/path) that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Tao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.” 

If the true “way” or the Tao is unnameable and “God” is indescribable, how can you know this inexplicable force that sustains everything and of which we are all a part?

You experience divinity through your humanity.

The ego fights this idea. It tells you that you are not worthy to experience divinity.  And so you project divinity on something or someone outside of yourself.

The truth is you are divine. You have come to earth and you have come to your life to experience what you have experienced…and it’s all so that you might pass through the doorway to the divine.

“Our humanity is the doorway to the divine.”
-Panache Desai (Tweet This)

If you will be courageous enough to release the judgments you have held against yourself and be willing to face your greatest fear–that you embody the divine–you  will be amazed by the love and grace you meet on the other side of the door.

You will be at peace, no matter what is happening around you.

Once you have passed through the door and experienced this everlasting, infinite grace and love, you will know it because you will feel strangely “at home.”

So if you desire peace, you must first take courage, step into your own power and walk through the door of your human experience.  You must embrace it fully–all of it–without judgment and without fear, and you must recognize in your own face the face of the divine.

Would love to hear your thoughts. What is the biggest thing holding you back from embracing the spark of God within you?

 Photo Credit: Panache Desai

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  • Hi Steve,
    To be at peace no matter what is happening around me has long been my goal. You’re saying that stepping fully into life will lead there? Well. It doesn’t sound hard. It sounds like allowing, flowing, accepting. Wait a minute, I take that back! It is hard, but if it’s the way to that feeling, I’m going to pay more attention to it.
    Do you? Do you find peace no matter what’s happening to you?

    • Hi there, Lori. Thanks for swinging by. I must admit, I am not perfect in implementing this principle. But I have found peace in the middle of chaotic circumstances when I allow myself to retreat into the connection I have with Source or Love or God–whatever you call it.

      This is what I meant by passing through the “doorway” and finding peace there. The toughest part is believing that the power to be at peace lies within us. We’re taught growing up that there are certain exceptions.

      We believe that we have to be in crisis or in chaos if certain things happen around us. We are taught that we have to react to stimulus all around. We have to make judgments about everything (and everyone–including ourselves).

      So I imagine a life in which I allow circumstances to flow around me…like the tide of the sea. I imagine myself releasing the need to judge, label and criticize everything that happens. I imagine myself able to be the conscious observer without commentary.

      I imagine myself empowered from that space. I imagine myself at peace. It’s not always what I achieve, but it is what I strive for. To recognize the spark of the divine within (and through) my human experience. This is tough, but it is my belief that I have come to this physical world to experience divinity physically.

      You brought up the concept of this being hard. “Hard” or “Difficult” is a judgement. It’s a belief we hold about our experience. Instead, a more effective way I’ve found to look at this is that it requires mindfulness–or awareness.

      Once I’m mindful, then the switch is easily flipped. It’s when I’m not aware–when I’m reacting to fear, stress, anger, etc–that I believe that it is hard.

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