“This Is My Story. This Is My Song” (Lessons from Whitney Houston)

Last week, I wrote about healing the heartache of broken relationship without realizing that we were on the threshold of saying adieu to an icon.

Thousands of tribute articles will be written this week for Whitney Houston. This is not a tribute.  It’s a question.

What is Your Story? What Is Your Song?

I’m listening to this song on replay as I write this post. (Click here if you can’t view the video)

An old gospel anthem says: “This is my story and this is my song…”

So I ask you what is your story? What is your song?

You are telling it every day. You are singing it in each and every moment.

You are telling your story and singing your song in every moment 

It is easy to look at someone like Whitney Houston, or any of our other idols and believe that they are different from us.

God is love. Pure creative source. Pure love gives. Love gives us those we idolize, love and respect as our heroes. When you remember the gift of Whitney Houston, remember that you–like she–are a gift no less treasured.

Remember the gift of Whitney Houston. In the same thought,
remember you are a gift no less-treasured!

Tell Your Story. Sing Your Song!

Only you can determine what your story will be.  Sometimes it requires a new narrative.  Only you alone can change your story.

Remember that it takes a simple decision to change the story of your life.  It requires great courage. It requires the “Greatest Love of All”.  That may be the most difficult part of it all.

Can you love yourself enough to have the courage to be who you were created to be?

Can you love yourself enough to have the courage to be who you were created to be?

It’s Up to You

I have chosen a different story for myself. What about you?

What is the story you’re telling?  What is your song?

How will you clarify your story?

How will you begin telling a true story about yourself today? It lies within your grasp!

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  • Kimmie Gibbons


    Thank you for this posting, talk about being touched deeply and profoundly. I am going to be vulnerable and answer the question, “What is your story” honestly and to the best of my ability. I have two stories I tell about myself and about my life. One is fiction and the other is nonfiction. The one I have lived my life from and believed the most, is the fiction story. It goes something like this: I am unlovable. I am not enough. There is not enough of “anything” to go around. Life is about scarcity. I will never do enough, accomplish enough, or be enough. There is something wrong with me. I am different (I actually am different, but this is GOOD, and in this story I FEEL this is BAD). I am a bad mom. I am an unworthy partner. I will never get it RIGHT.I am a failure. I think you probably get the picture. I have lived this fake story, almost my entire life and believed, DEEP within me that this is true. I think both you and I know, that this is a crock of sh*t. Here is my other story and the one that is nonfiction. Nothing exists, EXCEPT love. I am beautiful. There is nothing that I can say, or do, or believe, EVER, that will change this truth. I can tell myself any lie I want, but DEEP inside, I DO know the truth. There is a PRESENCE that exists and just IS, that is ALWAYS here and will never leave. There is nothing I can do EVER to make this PRESENCE go away and disappear. There is nothing that exists, EXCEPT this Presence.There is nothing, EXCEPT abundance. Underneath and within everything, there is nothing except PURE LOVE. There is enough of everything to go around. As a matter of fact, the MORE I GIVE, the more in fact, I RECEIVE. All is well, ALWAYS. Any belief other than this, is an illusion. Life IS wonderful. There is beauty everywhere. There is no place anywhere, where there isn’t some evidence of this beauty, no matter how it APPEARS. When I choose to LOOK or NOTICE, it is impossible to not see this beauty and the remarkable treasures that abound EVERYWHERE. Life is fantastic!! I am fantastic!! God is fantastic!! Synchronicity abounds. I am creative and passionate. I have a gift inside me, that is an absolute treasure that NEEDS to be told. To not tell this story, and share this gift and share what is in my heart, with many many others would be pure craziness. LIFE ROCKS!! Okay, lol. So, these are my two stories. I like the second, non-fiction one a whole bunch better, don’t you? 🙂 The thing I have been doing recently to tell and live the fantastic, beautiful story is to connect with people that are also telling a similar story. The next thing to do, to tell and live my beautiful story is to start the blog I have been putting off, for quite some time and have let the fake story dictate that it will be a failure. I hate that fiction story. I want the real one. Whew…okay. those are my stories and thoughts on your posting. Again, thanks so much for being here and for YOUR PRESENCE. 🙂

    • Steve

      COURAGE – that is my word for you, dear, precious warrior. You are never bound by your stories–fiction or non–but by what you choose to believe about your stories.

      I encourage you to, of course, continue telling the second (breathtakingly beautiful, may I say?) story…but here’s my “next step” challenge: Take an action (no matter how small) that reflects the belief you want to hold about the story you want your life to reflect. Don’t jump into the fear of the whole thing. Take a small step–the next step you can see. Don’t start a blog, research and purchase the URL. Buy the webhosting. One step…Only one. Then the next…then the next.

      Can’t wait to see what you will do my friend!

  • The song that can represent my life was “Never been to me” by Charlene. It is a great song for single moms like me. You can go to different places to find someone you can spend the rest of your life. But in the middle of the year, they will just left you. There is a lot of song that represents me, but I think this one is the best song I could represent myself. Great post by the way, thanks for sharing it.

    • Steve

      Awesome, Tracy! You’re a hero and you’re crafting an awesome story for your children. Your courage will inspire them throughout their whole lives. I’m so proud of what you’re doing for your family. Kudos!

  • I have changed the story of my life several times. I’ve even changed the story I tell myself.

    As a child and into my early teens I hated myself and I hated my life. Living in such despair wasn’t enough for me, and so I sought out new ways of thinking and believing and living. I learned to love myself. I learned to take care of myself. What a great story my life has turned out to be!

    Changing my life story wasn’t easy or simple, and I did it. Happiness, hope and serenity is possible for anyone who wants it.


    • Steve

      Wow, Chrysta that’s so inspiring, I hope lots of people will read your comment and take heart. It does take a lot of effort to reconstruct the story of our lives, but it is SO worth it! Bravo to you! You are a star.

  • I love it!! It’s up to us to complete the tale. It’s no one else’s responsibilty or right!!

    • Steve

      Thanks, Earl! This is the key. It is our obligation to tell our own story. Thanks for the kind comment.

  • Hey Steve,

    Another awesome post. My story used to be quite different from what it is now. It used to be a lie, concocted out of fear. Telling my real story for the first time was terrifying. Actually, it was scary the second and third time, too. 🙂 But then it got easier. My story is who I really am in every moment. It’s honest and unafraid. If it is afraid, it’s honest about that, too. My story is authentic. It’s evolving and flexible. I get to change it anytime I like. And no one but me gets to do that. My story is my truth. And man does it that feel good (you know.. now that I’ve overcome the crippling fear, he, he.)

    Huge hugs!

    • Steve

      Thanks for the insight, Melody! 🙂

      I can really relate to your experience of terror when you first told your story. You know I experienced that same feeling (as we chatted about) when I first said those words of truth. But it does get easier for sure! And it is so liberating.

      Appreciate you.

  • Steve, I was just talking about this very idea of writing your own story just yesterday! I was saying to someone else who is a writer, that if we can give ourselves permission to change the story we’re writing, we have to give ourselves permission to change the story of our lives, too. We can write our own happy endings, etc. So good point! 🙂

    • Steve

      Great perspective, Jeanine! I really like that. It is about changing the story and then the endings usually follow because we’re living according to a different script. Great stuff!

  • that’s inspiring Steve , i liked the post so much 🙂

    • Steve

      thanks for stopping by my new site, Farouk.