The Key to Being a Better Salesperson (Hint: It’s not about better technique!)

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I am not a natural sales person (whatever that means).  But I did notice something strange.  I have the uncanny ability to promote the hell out of something (and especially someone) I believe in.

All the insecurities I have about putting myself out there flee when I am talking about someone else and their goals and their accomplishments, etc. (link to post about a song by my friends, Dan and Kiko)

Why is it so hard for me to step out of the shadows? Why is it so hard for me to be there for myself? I should be my own biggest cheerleader!

In commenting on an amazing post by Farnoosh Brock at Prolific Living, I made a startling realization.

My Painful Realization

I can promote other people’s interests but not my own because I believe in them more than I believe in myself!

Now that’s a tough pill to swallow! (but it’s true)

I have spent so much time looking for the right techniques and tools to use to build my business online, but the external tools are irrelevant until the internal mechanism is set right.

When you believe in yourself enough to be true to your vision,
marketing is never a problem!

The challenge is the belief.  That’s how it always is.  The external world always reflects the internal reality.

Shift your beliefs and the rest will fall into place. It always works this way!

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  • I LOVED this post, Steve!

    My challenge in self-promotion comes from my childhood where I was often told not to be boastful or prideful. I was raised to believe promoting others is generous and promoting myself is unseemingly.

    I’m fortunate to have learned it’s okay to be proud of my accomplishments and promote my interests. Being proud of who I am, believing in myself , celebrating my accomplishments, and promoting my dreams is what I need to do to be happy!

    Have a grateful day, my friend!


    • I can relate, Chrysta…I grew up in a very religious household, so humility was something that was ingrained in our way of thinking. But it wasn’t real humility…it was an image of what other people expected us to appear like as humble.

      Confidence in one’s gifts, achievements and interests comes from the deepest humility of all–honoring the spirit with integrity and authenticity.

  • Steve,

    Agree! It is so much easier to support others and their initiatives. Curious thing… The point may be this: If I don’t believe in what I am doing, then who will? So, promote away in a confident, humble way!



    • Steve

      I agree SO much, Jon. It’s clear through my own experiences that when my belief in myself falters, others sense this and it makes them second-guess their own intuition about me (or my services and products). If I hold on to my confidence, then it frees me to be comfortable with others and it reassures them that they can trust their estimation of me.

  • Great insight here, Steve. It sounds simple, but often there’s a lifetime of complications. It’s well worth the effort to build that belief in yourself.

    • Steve

      You’re right, Cathy. It does sound simple, but it is a challenge to face our the obstacles we’ve grown up with or been conditioned for. As you said, it is worth the work it takes to overcome them.