It’s Not Over – Dan and Kiko

This is a great song from my friends, Dan and Kiko.  You should definitely “like”  their Facebook page.  Take a listen to this song and download it to your phone or iPod!


(1.) You know that game that most everybody plays
Where they smile and say everything’s all right.
But once you know the truth you think they’re never gonna make it,
And they say they’re gonna lose the fight.
You’ve tried everything that there’s ever been to try It looks like this is gonna be the ending…

(CHORUS) It’s not over; it’s only just begun.
It’s not secret; it’s known by everyone.
It’s not hopeless; so don’t you ever run ’cause you are so close to finding
some of those answers that you’ve been looking for for so long.

(2.) No one is exempt from passing through the dark night.
Most have been there at least a few times.
There’s no use in denying when you’re drowning in the sea
Trying to pay for someone else’s crimes. If you keep on walking, you’ll find your way back to the light…



1. 誰でも遊べるゲームをしていると大丈夫だよとみんな微笑んで言ってくれる。しかし、彼らがうまくいきそうにないと君が悟ったら、

(コーラス) まだ終わりではない、始まったばかりだ。隠しごとでもない、みんなすでに知っていることだ。絶望的なことでもない、だから逃げていかないで。もう少しでずっと探してた答えが見つかりそうなんだよ。

2. 誰も苦難から免れる者はいない。中には幾度か経験をした人もいる。海に溺れそうになっている時、その状況を否定しても無駄なことだし、誰かの罪を償うことも無駄なことだ。君が歩き続ければ、光に戻っていくことができるんだよ。


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  • Nice song Steve!

    Had never heard it earlier- and it has nice words as well. Though I don’t have an iPhone, I wonder how can we download to hear it on my laptop- if there is any way?

    Thank for sharing and have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Steve

      Yes, Harleena…I don’t have iPhone or iPod either. You can buy it for $.99 USD and download it in any format you want. I downloaded as MP3 and play it through Google Music on my laptop or my phone (which I use as an iPod).

      Just click on the “buy” link below the player in the post and it will walk you through the process.

  • Hi Steve! Nice song, I love it. Did you wrote the song, what a poetic lyrics. Another great song to a person that cannot let go of the past like me. I can relate to the song, thanks for sharing it. I will download it through computer. is it available in Itunes?

    • Hi Tracyann.

      I didn’t write the song. My friends Dan and Kiko did. I’m not sure if they put it up on iTunes yet, but if you click the “buy” link in the post (under the player) you can buy your own copy in whichever format you want.

      • The song was good really. Thanks to your friends Steve. Yeah, I saw the buy button,thanks on the information you have shared. Hope that they put it now in iTunes.

        • Steve

          I hope they do too! I downloaded it and then put it on a play list in iTunes and my google music library. I love it.

  • I love the song. I could also sing this with my own version but I have to translate the chorus to understand it.

    • Steve

      That’s really cool. 🙂 I wish I could understand the Japanese. I like it in English, though. It inspires me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Such an inspiring song! If you listen carefully you will see the meaning of the song. Actually I don’t speak japanese but I can understand some of it. 🙂 Thanks for the share steve1

    • Steve

      Thanks for stopping by, Angel. The actual song is sung in English if you listen to the mp3 posted. It’s very inspirational.