How to Trust Your Gut…Even If It Is Tied In Knots!

“I would be happy to,” you agree, while internally you are banging your head on the table shouting, “No! No! No, you idiot. Why did you ever agree to do that!?!”

Tsk-Tsk,” your Conscience disapproves, while your Better Self “harumphs,” peering from slanted eyelids over it’s upraised nose.

Regret. You fail to trust your gut instinct. We have all been there, haven’t we?

Missed Opportunities.  Bad Decisions.

image of polar bear defecating with caption: sweet jesus please let me live. I promise never to eat Taco Bell ever again

Trust Your Gut!

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Everybody has regrets, but I want you to learn to trust your gut in a way that will serve you well your whole life, and the first step is practice!

1. Practice Makes Perfect
Whether it’s to pass on the extra serving of double chocolate cheesecake or to grab a few minutes of meditation before starting a crazy day, pay attention the next time your instinct nudges you.

Practice with the little things. When your gut taps you on the shoulder, obey it!  These promptings are often spontaneous and unexpected and so it is easy to ignore them.  Don’t.

By honoring your soul’s guidance and listening to your own wisdom, you’ll become more comfortable obeying the promptings that are sent your way.  A side benefit is that you will notice more and more guidance appearing before you when you start obeying the guidance that’s already there. (Tweetable Tidbit)

The second step in learning to trust your gut is to learn to honor and respect yourself first.

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T…Find Out What It Means to Me!
Respect yourself.  That’s what it comes down to.

You have probably learned or been taught to doubt yourself. You have been told that your opinion or perspective isn’t as important as the expectations of others.  Maybe it’s your parents, church leaders, or friends that you don’t want to disappoint.

Confidence comes when you realize that you can
survive the disappointment of others.
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Be willing to disappoint the expectations of others in favor of respecting and honoring your own inner guidance.

Years ago, I ran a professional massage therapy practice.  I had just finished my schooling and was working to establish myself and my practice in the community.

One day, a chiropractor called my office looking for a massage therapist to provide on-site chair massage for a community event in which his practice was participating.

“My rate for onsite services is $40/hour with a minimum of 2 hours,” I told him.

“Humph,” he scoffed, “Well I’m paying $10/hour and you can hand out business cards too.”

“I’m sorry,” I told him. “I would recommend calling the massage school in midtown.  I know they send out their students to get experience as part of their program.”

“Well, if you are in the place where you can just turn away business…” he derided.

The truth is that I wasn’t in a place to turn away business, but something in my gut told me not to sell myself short. 

“It’s not that I can turn away business, Doctor,” I told him, “but I believe in the value of the work that I do and I want others to value it as well.”

Respect. That’s what it is all about.  It’s about honoring the guidance that lies within you enough to disappoint those who seek to impose their point of view and priorities on you.

Practicing and developing this skill strengthens your own confidence and will free you to pursue the things that are most important to you.

3 Agreements You Should Embrace as You Learn to Trust Your Gut

1. I know what is best for me (Tweetable Tidbit)

2. I am competent in my own life. (Tweetable Tidbit)

3. I will figure it out. (Tweetable Tidbit)

Embrace these three agreements–or beliefs.  They will strengthen your faith in your intuition as you put them into practice in your every day life.

Your Assignment…Should You Choose to Accept

(Said in the best Mission Impossible voice I could muster)

Okay, in the comments, tell me how you plan to trust your gut more.  How have you learned to trust your inner guidance better?  What is one agreement or action step you will take to build a stronger self-confidence when it comes to trusting intuition?


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  • Lori Gosselin

    Hi Steve! I am paying attention to my intuition more and more. I think the hard part is not so much the acting on your intuition but in hearing it. Sometimes it gets lost in the rationalizations in your head and sometimes it whispers so softly that it’s hard to discern. I agree with you that the more you listen, the better you get at it. Maybe because it “speaks up”! I don’t know. But it is about respect. Maybe that’s where it starts? You respect yourself and you determine that you will tune into your inner guidance system and pay attention.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. Do you have any tips or tricks that I’ve helped to you as you learn to pay better attention to your inner guidance? I’m always curious to find out practical things that can help in a real way in everyday life.

      • Lori Gosselin

        I don’t really have any tricks Steve but I’ve been noticing that when I’m doing a healing treatment my intuition is very sharp. Likely this is because I’m focused and aware. I guess that’s the trick then! 😉
        How about you? How do you hear the whispers?

        • Lori I think that awareness is a big part of it exactly as you pointed out. For me the challenge has been trusting my own instinct and not playing a game of “what if..” That seems to be where the doubt hits me the most. When I start asking what if the worst happens…what if I’m wrong?

  • Joe Simmons

    One exw of me listening to my gut is the situation with a friend of mine. He wants me to relocate to the town he works in so we can share an apartment. My gut tells me this will not end well if I move with him. Therefore, I told him it would not be a good idea. Also when I have certain headaches, I know I have to lay down and do relaxing breathing exercises and let go of the day. Then, the headache will melt away.

    • I like this example Joe. Sometimes it is so hard to go against white friends or family may want from us. Do you ever struggle with balancing the expectations of others and what your gut tells you to do?

  • This post is so timely for me, Steve! Seems yours always are. How will I trust my gut more? I think I do fairly well at acting on intuitive guidance. What I still need to work on are the tight jaw, the nervous tension and other symptoms that tell that the transformation is incomplete. 😉

    • I can relate Jeanine. I often have a tight stomach or don’t sleep soundly when I’m stressed out. Do u have a regular meditation practice that you maintain? I know that this majes all the difference yet I’m still inconsistent with it. Life is a process of growth and learning.