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Affirmations Change Beliefs

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Yesterday, I wrote about how a single affirmation changed my life.  If you didn’t catch it, you might want to jump over and read that story.

I am not always consistent in the conscious use of affirmations–I say “conscious” because we are always using affirmations in our self talk whether we’re aware of them or not.

Since the moment I realized the power of affirmations to change my beliefs, and thereby change my life, I have been creating my own affirmations to suit my circumstances, temperament and personality.

Today, I just want to share of my favorite affirmations.

Favorite Affirmations

In this moment, I am complete.
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I make money effortlessly and it flows to me with ease,
as the representation of the abundance of a universe without lack.
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Life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.
All is well. I am safe.
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 I am nurtured, supported and guided.
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Share Your Affirmations

What are your favorite affirmations?

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  • Hi Steve! I’m so happy I found your blog through UBC

    My favorite affirmation/mantra is “my timing is perfect and elegant.” It’s pretty amazing because whenever I worry about timing (whether I’m running late for a meeting or I think my business isn’t growing fast enough), it completely makes everything work out. This affirmation NEVER fails. I have used it and given it to dozens of people to use it. For years and years, it never fails. I even created a video about it: with some stories about IMPOSSIBLE situations where the affirmation/mantra saved the day. Affirmations are magical! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I tweeted.

    • Thanks for sharing these, Monick. I’m going to watch your vid right now. I’m going to try that one: “my timing is perfect and elegant.” It’s similar feel to the one I gave above “In this moment, I am complete”

  • Having had my fair share of successes and failures, I believe “this too shall pass” works well. It help one get through the tough times- and reminds one not to become too swell headed when everything seems to be going your way.

    • I love that one, Roy. Thanks for sharing. I’ll borrow it. I’m a visual learner, so I use an image that expresses that mantra or affirmation.

      It’s the image of myself standing waist deep in the ocean along the shore observing the tide around me. As I stand still in the water, the flow of the waves wraps around me. Sometimes they even rush over me, but they always ebb and flow….proceed and recede. So it is with life, I remind myself. It is cyclical and never static.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom…especially on this post.

  • Very nice – I’ve never really done affirmations; though every once in awhile I will make up my own horoscope for the day because I figure it’ll be just about as accurate as those online and I can choose to make it a terrific day! Seriously, I do collect quotes and refer to them often – here’s one of my favorites: “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” Thanks for the inspiration!

    • haha…I love the idea of making up my own horoscope, Marquita! It’s a wonderful and playful way to be in the world.

      Powerful quotes are something I love as well. Sometimes those quotations become an affirmation or mantra in our lives.

      Appreciate you stopping by to comment!