I Hate “Easy Step” List Posts, But Here Goes Anyway…

3 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

I almost threw up a little when I wrote that headline and I know your Bullshit-ometer is probably about to blow.

So let me just put you at ease by disappointing your expectations in this post at the beginning.

These steps won’t pay off your student loans magically.

These steps won’t find your soulmate immediately.

These steps most definitely will not fix your life categorically.

(If you seriously need a life fix, I recommend therapy…no, seriously. A good therapist is worth her weight in gold!)

What the Hell Will These Steps Do?


I’m not kidding.

The “3 Easy Steps” will not do a damn thing for you.

I spent the last decade of my life searching for my passion and purpose.

At 25, I thought I found it.

At 30, I thought I understood what it meant.

At 35, I realized that if you think you’ve arrived, you’re absolutely, 100% in the wrong place!

Finding meaning IS the purpose of life.
And you don’t find meaning, you decide the meaning.
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So…this list won’t solve all your problems, but what it will do is provide a framework for the journey.

I Know, I Know…”Give Me The Damn List Already!”

1. Ask For Wisdom
I know it seems “woo-woo” but I’m tellin’ ya, this is the key.
Whether you’re saying a prayer, meditating or consulting your inner wisdom, you gotta do it!


Asking for wisdom opens your mind to limitless possibility. When you make requests such as “show me the way” or “how can I help/serve?”  you will be amazed what opens up for you.

The Bible says that the door is opened to the person who knocks and the answer is given to the one who asks.  So ask.

Most of the time, you skip this step because you don’t really believe that you will be answered.

The answer comes in small nudges in the right direction. You won’t always realize it at the time, but you’ll look back and see the places where your direction was shifted.

Have a little faith and trust that power.

2. Allow the Answer
Allow the answer to come. Trust that it will be revealed to you.

How? The answers are revealed in simple synchronicity, chance encounters and random ideas (none of which are really simple, by chance or random).

Learn to recognize them. Follow them like breadcrumbs in a forest.

3. Stand Ready to Act
Trust that answers are always provided. Trust that you are always supported. Then be ready to take action.

Often we jump into action before we have sought wisdom and exercised faith.

The Path is always revealed after faith is exercised.
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It all comes down to trust. Life is the winding road, not the straight-line lane. Every curve and twist will show you exactly what you need to craft a well-lived life.

Don’t compare your path to another’s. Instead, watch the path of another and say, “See? It worked for them. It will work for me!  The same power that supports and sustains anyone else holds me as well.”

This is power.

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  • Lovely post. I know my biggest challenge is with step #2. Sometimes it’s hard for me to have the patience and/or to just be quiet and present enough to hear the answer. Thanks so much for keeping it simple.

    • I’m with you, Kim. That is the one I often have a challenge with too! Glad that this post connected with you!

  • Jessica Crooks

    I try to be patient and I know it’s a virtue, but sometimes I fail because I don’t see the answer in my haste. This is a good post, and one to ponder.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Jessica. So glad to have you on the site.

  • Melissa

    Cool post. I’m in my thirties and still can’t those questions myself. Philosophy is a good way to look back on life and learn from mistakes. Better yet, it may prepare you better for next roadblock in life.

    I’ve added this page to my favorites. =) Thanks Steve.

    • Thank you for stopping in, Melissa. I’m right with you. I”m in my 30’s and still working through these steps every day. But once you go through something, you’re right. It does prepare you for the next thing.

  • I still fully expect these steps to change my life.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Glad the resonated with you