In Which I Prove that Doing the Impossible is Normal

Dare the Impossible

Do the Impossible


It seems so much more daunting that it really is.

It’s only because you and I have certain beliefs we hold about what is possible or not–and even beliefs about the idea of possibility.

We think that the impossible is something that is grand and overwhelming–that only the superheroes and over-achievers attempt.

This is horse pucky!

You Have Done a Thousand Impossible Things

List them.

I dare you.

There are a thousand things that were once impossible that you now do easily, confidently and without thought.

1. Walking

2. Running

3. Learning a new skill

4. Reading

5. Speaking

6. Breathing

And the list goes on.  Everything in your life, at one point or another, was impossible.

Therefore, Doing the Impossible is Normal!

We have created beliefs about our ability to do impossible things, but they are all full of caca.

Here are a list of things that I have done in the past couple of years which seemed to be impossible.

1. Wrote/published a book.

2. Created a website–correction, 4 websites–with no  previous programming or web design knowledge or skills.

3. Started a speaking and writing career.

4. Took a sidetrack and started a new job to support my dreams.

5. Re-evaluated and shored up my most important relationship

6. Launched a new coaching project and successfully executed several powerful coaching session (in the last month)

Notice the impossible things that were disguised as failures or the result of a failure (ie, #4 and 5)?  This is your life, so muck it up!  It’s okay.

Here’s the point…

You don’t have to wait to do what seems impossible.

What one thing do you believe to be impossible to you in 2013?  Go do that.

If you are discouraged or unsure, it is because you are unclear.  Create clarity by getting real and breaking it down into ridiculously obviously small steps.  Then take those steps until the task is done and you have achieved the impossible.

What impossible thing are you excited to do this year?

What do you think is holding you back from doing it?

How are you planning to take action toward doing that thing?



photo/quote credit: Daily Inspiration and Motivation

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Hi, I'm Steve Rice and my goal is to transform simple philosophical truths into practical fuel to revolutionize your life. It's not about self-help, it's about self-reliance. I show you how. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and let me know how I can help you.

  • SO encouraging, Steve! And I have quite a few “impossible” things to do this year, so this post was right on time.

    • Awesome! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, @jeaninebyers:disqus .

      I know you’re smack dab in the middle of “impossible” right now. So exciting. What is the biggest thing that was once impossible to you that you’re doing right now?

      Would love to hear about it.

      • Raising a child! 😉 While sustaining sanity. But also, dreaming of online business success doing spiritual work. I mean, I’m dreaming BIG! And because I have had some online success, in general, it seems more possible than it would have a few years ago. SO important to think back on other successes, as you’ve said, because it encourages you to dare even more the next time!

        • Awesome! I think raising a child is one of those huge “impossibles” that we can choose in life. Amazing how this task calls on the best that we may not even realize lies within. I salute you.

          @jeaninebyers:disqus, you mentioned that is seems more possible that it would have a few years ago. What makes it feel that way to you? (I feel the same way) Just curious what makes the difference at this point..

          • I think it’s because I experienced some success in another arena. I got some really good training about how to create success online and when I tried it, it started working. Then I shifted into something slightly different and it still worked.

            I mean, I didn’t hit the big time, LOL, but I saw a path that with persistence, courage and faith in myself can take me wherever I want to go. Still working at strengthening the faith, and healing what’s in the way, but as I said before, I’m dreaming BIG!

            And I so appreciate your encouragement, your presence and your own tenacity. You’re a great example and thought leader, Steve!

            • Ah…makes perfect sense…experience + training = confidence. You encourage me…it’s a circular process. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the insights you’re learning along the way. I really appreciate it.

  • This is truly inspiring and liberating!! My move to back to Long Beach and getting my album done are the sometimes seemingly impossibles. I know that it is a matter of breaking everything down into less intimidating pieces that will get me to the finish line.

    • this is the truth, @facebook-508674852:disqus ! These “huge/impossible” dreams are daunting (kinda like writing/publishing/promoting a book was to me), but the absolute key to success is intense clarity.

      Another key that’s been helpful to several of my coaching clients is identifying your values. I did this by looking back at what made me most “alive” and happy in my life. Then I asked myself very pointed questions about that experience…not just “I like running my own business” but more about the “why?” and “What?” about it caused me to like it so much.

      I found that I value connection, flexibility, among other things. I never would have realized that flexibility was one of my chief values if I hadn’t done that exercise.

      After clarifying your values, set your priorities. Where will you direct your focused energy and efforts? What is important for you to do and why?

      Then, set goals (most people start here and get frustrated because they don’t know their values and priorities).

      From there it’s just a matter of linking your values/priorities to a mechanism (business/support structure/education, etc) which will allow you to achieve what you desire.

      Hope those tidbits are food for thought and can help you break apart your big, hairy goals…cuz they’re inspiring as hell to me! 🙂

  • What an empowering message here, Steve! You’re absolutely right! We do the impossible many times without even acknowledging that they were impossible feats. The mind is such a tricky member. I always remind myself that it insists on believing that it is in charge of things. I have to constantly remind it that it has no control over what I can and can’t do. In fact, I tell it what we’re going to do. 😀

    I am more focused than ever to finish the project that often looks as if it’s going to be impossible. I don’t go by “what it looks like” anymore. I am focused only on the progress I make. Nothing more! Loved the message my friend. Thanks for the sharpening!

    • Thanks so much my friend! Was just thinking about you today and so grateful to see your smiling face pop up here on the site. 🙂

      I’m so proud of you and the dedication you have to your own project. You are morphing into a powerful mover and shaker right before my eyes…and I admire you.

      Glad you enjoyed this message and it connected with you. Just remember–you got this! 🙂

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence, mate. You must know that I admire you as well. I am SO VERY grateful for your friendship and brotherhood. I can’t wait to meet ya!

        Keep rocking my friend. Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what’s in store for you, my friend. See ya at the top! 😉