Creative Way to Track Your Goals in 2013

Happy New Year!

A few days ago, I saw a great idea posted on Facebook.  It was to take a jar and write down each good thing that happened in 2013 on a slips of paper.  Then, on New Years Eve this year, you can review and be grateful for all the wonderful things that happened.

"shatterproof" and about $6 each

“shatterproof” and about $6 each

I decided to take on this practice.  But I’m tweaking it a bit.  I’m creating what I call a “Wonderful World” jar–just because I love that song.–for my gratitude jar.

I’m doing a second, and I’m writing my goals and ambitions for the year and putting them in it.

Some of you had expressed a desire to do this as well, so I thought I would share what I’m doing so you can steal some of my ideas or share some of your own.

(If you do, please pop over to the FB page and share pics of your ideas)

Abstract rainbow reminds me the sky is the limit

Abstract rainbow reminds me the sky is the limit

While I like the clean look of the plexiglass containers, I decided to decorate the outside of mine just because I am making a concerted effort to engage my creativity more.

The abstract rainbow design reminds me that the sky is the limit when it comes to my goals and ambitions.

The pastoral scene on the alternate side reminds me that generally my dreams and goals are too small.  It reminds me to step back and remember the big picture.

Reminds me to dream bigger!

Reminds me to dream bigger!

I cut strips of brightly colored paper to write my goals and gratitudes on–again, just to be more creative.

It can be difficult to manage too many goals at once.  So, the red strips indicate a measurable goal that I am actively working toward.

The orange strips indicate desires that I hold–but am trusting to the hands of the Universe.

The “how” is best left in hands greater than your own

If you are creating your own goals for the new year, here are some reminders.

Goal-Setting Reminders

1. Use the present tense
Remember to state your goals in the present.

2. Use the word “to”
Start your goals with “to”.  Example: To create $1,000,000 in revenue by 12/31/2013.

3. Be clear
The more clear you are, the better chance you have for following through on your goals. If they are unclear, you’ll become distracted or discouraged and probably won’t persevere.

Affirmation Reminders

When you’re writing your affirmations or your desires follow some of these tips.

1. Use present tense.
Again, using present tense will begin the process of bringing what you desire into your reality.

2. Start with “I am…”
“I am…” is a powerful statement.  Use the power of I am to make your desires real.

Example: I am in good health.  I am constantly achieving my goals.

The point of this practice isn’t to be delusional or to lie to yourself.  It is quite the opposite.  What you say in your thoughts and words becomes believable to you.

You will start to believe the things you think repeatedly and the things you say.  Watch what you’re thinking and saying, and how you’re thinking about it or saying it.  Words have power.

3. Avoid “I want…” or “I don’t want…” at all costs!!
I found myself doing this as I was writing my desires out.  Don’t do it.

Stating your desires in the form of a “want” is acknowledging the lack of that thing.  It may seem like semantics but it isn’t. Your soul knows no lack. It is infinite and ever-expansive.

The Universe is abundant and it will reflect back to you that which you are–not what you desire.

If you begin to believe that there is lack in your world, your reality will begin to reflect it back to you.  Circumstances will happen “out of nowhere” that seem to block you at every turn.

Here are some of my goals/ambitions for 2013.

goals for 2013

BONUS TIP: on the back of your “goal strips,” be sure to write your “why”.  Remind yourself why this is such an important goal and what it means to you.  By writing it down, you make it more emotionally impactful.

What are your goals or desires for 2013?  Please share a couple in the comments below.  Would love to hear what you’re dreaming for this year!

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