How to Be Confident (When You’re Shakin’ In Your Boots)!

Courage and 169 Minutes of Terror

Trudging from the theater, my mind was foggy. I was completely disoriented by what I’d just witnessed.

It was like I had been there.

The skies were gray and angry. The seas churned and spat.

The doors fell open. Wave after wave, young men rolled up on the shore, welcomed by the barrage of the machine gun fire.

Some ducked and dodged. Others didn’t have the chance.



June 4, 1944

The opening moments of Saving Private Ryan changed me. It has been 14 years since I saw that footage, but I will never forget it.

Mustering Your Courage

What would I have done? I wondered.  Could I have done that?

Probably not.

I felt, at once, inspired by their courage and powerless in the face of such violence.

It makes the things you and I bitch about–finding our purpose, living with passion and finding a job that fulfills us–seem well, pointless.

But those things aren’t pointless!

The action you take or don’t take is empowered by your “why”.  (Tweet This)

The reason you do what you do brings your purpose to life.

Courage is about what lies within.

Courage is Confidence in Action

Courage is built.  It grows.  You must nurture and feed it.

Once you get on the right track, you have to protect your confidence and shield your courage as you would the weak flame as you kindle a new fire.

Here are some signs you’re on the right track.

1. You’re Scared Shitless

If you’re scared to death, chances are you’re exactly where you need to be. Don’t fight it. Your fear helps you stay alert and observant.

2. Others Think You’re Crazy

What the hell do they know anyway?

Whatever others think of you has absolutely, positively, 100% nothing to do with you!  Whatever others believe is impossible, is only impossible to them because they think it is impossible.

Your potential has everything to do with what lies within you,
not what others think of (or about) you! 

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The Confidence Equation

Results + Momentum = Confidence

You have to do something to get results!

Don’t spend your time analyzing potential action.

Save the analysis for the results!

Most people don’t get to the point of actually creating effective results because they do not act intentionally.

Take intentional action and then evaluate the results.

Confidence is Simple (but not easy)

The key to creating momentum is to take the next visible step.

Take the step you can see, and the rest will be revealed, one step at a time.

You can always see the next step in any process or in any achievement.

What is it? Will you take it?

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Photo Credit: US Army

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