Life is Like a River–Let it Flow

Life is Like a River

Life is a lot like a river.  It flows along the path of least resistance.

It can provide beauty, facilitate commerce as well as recreation, and still be unpredictable at points.

“Little Adventures”

The Media Naranja (better half) and I periodically go on what we call our “little adventures.”

Like many awesome traditions, I’m not quite sure how this one started for us.

The “little adventures” are planned–sometimes in advance, but more often, they are a result of whatever follows, “Hey, let’s go…”

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I Hate “Easy Step” List Posts, But Here Goes Anyway…

3 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

I almost threw up a little when I wrote that headline and I know your Bullshit-ometer is probably about to blow.

So let me just put you at ease by disappointing your expectations in this post at the beginning.

These steps won’t pay off your student loans magically.

These steps won’t find your soulmate immediately.

These steps most definitely will not fix your life categorically.

(If you seriously need a life fix, I recommend therapy…no, seriously. A good therapist is worth her weight in gold!) [Read more…]


Protecting Your Relationships With Trust

Photo Credit: Terry Johnston

All relationships have a buffer that protects them from damage.  This is true of platonic as well as romantic relationships.  I call this the “Benefit of the Doubt” buffer.

Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “Oh, I know her and she would never say that!”?

This is the benefit of the doubt.  What the person is really saying is, “I trust that person’s character. What you have told me doesn’t line up with my previous experience.”

What Is the “Benefit of the Doubt” Buffer.


Our willingness to extend the benefit of the doubt to another person comes from our trust in them and what we already know of, and have experienced with, them.

Where does trust come from?
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