Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Desires

What Do You Want?

Image of the word Desire

  • A boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • A better job.
  • A bigger house

Your desires are endless. And that is good.

Without desire there would be no growth. But there is a big difference between a desire for something different and the feeling of desperation caused by a belief of lack.   [Read more…]


Cherish the “Real Life” Sacred Places

Holy Places

Barn near my home in Wisconsin

Sometimes the sacred is found in churches, mosques or synagogues.

But I have found the most holy places in fields, next to streams and in barnyards.

Uncover your holy places.
Cherish your sacred shrines.
Treasure silent stillness.
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Experience the awe found in being present with yourself.

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Note: This post is part of the 31-post Ultimate Blog Challenge. During the month of July, 2012, I will be posting 31 times. Since this is a lot of posts over a short period of time, I prepared a special page where you can catch any you may have missed.


Don’t Punch a Timeclock On Your Life

Cut The Crap!

Time cards

You and I need to quit bullshitting ourselves.

Yesterday evening when I got home from work, I was tired.  Okay, not just tired–drained.  I didn’t feel like doing anything.

I decided not to write a post for today because I was so tired.

Guess what? I wasted two hours watching TV instead, and I’m still tired.

I said I was too tired to write a blog post, but the truth is that I didn’t feel like writing a blog post.  It was easier to punch out on the timeclock of my life.

I know I’m not the only one.  You do it too.   [Read more…]


“To Infinity…and Beyond!”

Perspective is Everything

Infinity Room – House on the Rock
Spring Green, WI

Near my house, there is a unique (I use this word very intentionally) site called The House on the Rock.

The house was built into the side of the cliff face by an architect several decades ago.  The house is fascinating, but my favorite room is called the “Infinity Room”.

The sides are constructed of panes of glass.  It stretches out from the rock face hundreds of feet over the forest floor.

The room gets progressively smaller as you walk down the “hallway”  out into ‘infinity’.  The perspective makes it seem as if the room continues forever. [Read more…]


12-Step Program for “Epic Shit” Addicts

“My name is Steve, and I am an addict.” I am addicted to doing epic shit.

Young Me--Can u tell it was the 90's?

Right out of college, I seriously looked into running a small resort in the Caribbean (which I never ended up buying).

Several years later, I started and failed in my first (different) business.

Most recently, I decided to write, publish and promote my first book–on my own. [Read more…]


“Be Careful Little Eyes…” & The Truth About Perspective

Photo Credit: Samuel Johnson

“You seem really driven,” she said.  This, from a woman I had never met before.

Is that how people see me? I was startled.

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and the world through someone else’s eyes.  This observation can develop into a debilitating belief or it can become a powerful tool for transformation.  You choose!

Try it.  What did you learn about yourself?


Why Do “What If’s” Still Scare the Sh*t Outta Me?!?

What if’s

I hate them!

What if I can’t measure up to their expectations?

What if she/he doesn’t like me (the way I dress/talk, etc.)?

What if they don’t think I’m qualified enough?

A Broken Measure

Here’s the deal! The “what if” ruler is a flawed measuring device. With it, we place ourselves up against unrealistic or impractical expectations and units of measure that just don’t matter in the long run.
[Read more…]


The Power the Present Moment

Saw this image of the Now Clock on Facebook as the New Year greeting from the I Love Inspirational Videos fan page.

Remember as you head into 2012 that this moment is the only moment that exists. It is eternal and it is yours.

This moment is the only moment that exists. It is eternal and it is yours!


What Is a “True Spiritual Awakening?”

What a True Spiritual Awakening Is Not

A true spiritual awakening is not about a religious experience (although it may include one). Last summer, I had a chance to attend a dance performance in Houston. (I had never attended a dance…not even a ballet)
[Read more…]