Answering the Question – How?

Last week, I asked you What do you want from life?  This week I’m following up with a video on your biggest fear. It may not be what you imagine it to be.

Think about that thing–whatever it is–that you want to obtain.  An ideal relationship? A perfect job? A more healthy body?

Once you get really clear about what it is you want, you’ll probably notice that your mind goes into panic mode.  In fact you might feel like the lone player in a dodge ball* match with your own brain.

Your brain wants to know how you will find the right person. How will you connect to the right people? How will you find the time? You’re mired and sinking rapidly in the quicksand of “how?”

Volley after volley hurls toward you.  How? How? How?

This week’s video talks about the first step to freeing yourself from this barrage.

duration: 2 min 8 secs

What about you? What do you fear when it comes to answering “how”?

*dodge ball is a common children’s game where a large rubber ball is thrown across a center line between two teams…the object is to dodge the ball and be the last person “out” on the team.


In Which I Prove that Doing the Impossible is Normal

Dare the Impossible

Do the Impossible


It seems so much more daunting that it really is.

It’s only because you and I have certain beliefs we hold about what is possible or not–and even beliefs about the idea of possibility.

We think that the impossible is something that is grand and overwhelming–that only the superheroes and over-achievers attempt. [Read more…]


Why Results Matter

Results Are Where It’s At

NOTE: Read to the end (or skip there now) for a great opportunity to work with me directly in 2013.

In my riff about 2013, I shared my new and improved mission.

To create a life and business that sustains me and enriches others

Football Pitch MahidaApparently, this resonates with many of you as well.  Why?

We all want to make a difference.  We want to feel like our life matters.

I have to admit, Results and I have a rocky past.  There have been times in my life where I have achieved really great results that I’m very proud of.

And then again, other times–not so much. [Read more…]


Why You’re Stuck In Life (and How to Shake that Shit Up)

Getting Stuck Sucks!

Car Stuck in SnowWinter in Wisconsin sucks balls.  It just does. It’s COLD and snowy…really snowy!

The part I hate most of all is having to go out in the cold and snow.  But there’s not really a choice, since it will be like this from about November through March or April.

…And so I brave the elements in order to get to work, do the grocery shopping and carry on with life until the cold weather breaks. [Read more…]


How to Overcome Any Obstacle

I learned one of the most important lessons of my entire life recently.

You can overcome any obstacle if you let go of the story you’re believing about it.

It’s that simple…and that difficult!

The obstacles that stop you only stop you because of some fear you harbor.

A couple of years ago, my partner and I were having a heated discussion about my ambitions of being a speaker and writer.

I was excusing my lack of results and he said, “Maybe you’re afraid of failure…or success.”

Immediately my mind revolted. I’m not afraid, I thought.

I was lying to myself and until I was able to overcome the story, I was shackled by it.

When you throw off the drama of your story, you release the limitations of the story.

So how do you overcome any obstacle? [Read more…]


Why Do You Do What You Do?

The Long Answer

Think about an area of your life with which you struggle.  Maybe it is finances. Maybe it is relationships.  Maybe it is physical fitness.

All of us have some area of our lives we wish we were better at managing, right?

Why do you do what you do?  Why do you keep taking the same actions that have brought you to the place you are now?

The long answer is that your thoughts create your emotions and beliefs which motivate the action you take.

You do what you do because you of how you feel or believe about it–whether it be money, relationships or your own health. [Read more…]


What Role Does Taking Action Play in Crafting a Well-Lived Life?

Note: This is the final part of a 3-part series inspired by insights from my book, An Imperceptible Spark.  Check out part one and part two if you haven’t already.



The epitomic call of the movie director is a great analogy for life.

Most of us live our life as if the call were, “Action…Action…Action!”  We blunder through life without any real understanding of what we’re doing and no record of analysis by which to weigh the action we’re taking.

Others live life as if the phrase were, “Camera…Camera…Camera!”  We are so reflective that we never actually get to the point of really taking any action.

We’re worried about the shot angle and the subject composition, and everything else.  And just when we get it perfect, we decide that we should start over.  The analysis, that is.  We are paralyzed.

Still others of us believe the phrase is, “Lights…Lights…Lights!”   We get as much information as we can.  Then we get educated.  Then we do a study. Then we get more education. Then we decide we need another certification or degree.

The key is to put things in the proper perspective.

Gain understanding or education (lights), do your reflection and planning and then take action.  You have to keep the process well-ordered, or you will end up paralyzed by fear.

Thought Drives Action

All your action is driven by your thoughts (or emotions, which are created by thoughts/beliefs).

When thoughts change, actions change
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When my thoughts changed, so did the actions I was taking. Of course, when I took different action, I started getting different results, and that is when the external shifts started to occur and my external experience started to transform.

From An Imperceptible Spark

Changing your thoughts changes the direction of the action you take.  Your thoughts either make you more effective or less.  It’s seldom really about the action you take, yet this is where most people focus first.

If you don’t want to be “most people,” do something different and focus on your thoughts and then your action will align properly.

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Photo Credit: Paula Steele