Answering the Question – How?

Last week, I asked you What do you want from life?  This week I’m following up with a video on your biggest fear. It may not be what you imagine it to be.

Think about that thing–whatever it is–that you want to obtain.  An ideal relationship? A perfect job? A more healthy body?

Once you get really clear about what it is you want, you’ll probably notice that your mind goes into panic mode.  In fact you might feel like the lone player in a dodge ball* match with your own brain.

Your brain wants to know how you will find the right person. How will you connect to the right people? How will you find the time? You’re mired and sinking rapidly in the quicksand of “how?”

Volley after volley hurls toward you.  How? How? How?

This week’s video talks about the first step to freeing yourself from this barrage.

duration: 2 min 8 secs

What about you? What do you fear when it comes to answering “how”?

*dodge ball is a common children’s game where a large rubber ball is thrown across a center line between two teams…the object is to dodge the ball and be the last person “out” on the team.


How to Move Your Relationship Light Years Ahead

Keys to Healthy Relationships

My buddy, Deone from Releasing Me Today recently posted an article on forgiving yourself and freeing yourself from the negative influence of others.

At the beginning of the article, he talks about the assumptions we make and how they influence our relationships.

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Let Your Light Shine!

Mineral deposits on Pictured Rocks, MI (USA)

The dramatic colors on the surface of the rock face in this image are created by water springs which push the minerals out of the rock through openings on the surface.

Once the minerals reach the outside, they oxidize and create beautiful markings on the rock face (I believe the white streaks in the pic are calcium).
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Jump Into the Flow, and Abandon Resistance!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – MI

The trees atop this cliff are stunted because the flow of the waves crashes against the resistance of the stone face.

In the winter, it freezes over the trees, building up several feet of ice until they buckle under the pressure.

You are the same.

If you live your life at the edge of resistance to life’s flow, you will be buckled by the weight of the obstacles that crash into your life.

Even the stone is eventually worn away with the constant flow of the water’s tide.

How much better to jump into the flow of life and abandon the edge of resistance all together!

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My _____________ will be so disappointed
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5 Things They Say You Should Resist

Photo Credit: Zokarko

They Say You Should Resist…




…Your Own Mortality


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