What Do You Want from Life?

What kind of career do you want? What do you want your primary relationship to look like?  What type of body do you want (and are you willing to work to maintain)?

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions. You may have even gotten some great answers.  But the hard part comes with actually implementing the actions that will give you the results you say you want.

And I think I’ve found a simple shift in how this question is asked which can make a big difference in the answers you come up with, and consequently, the results you produce.

Are You Asking the Wrong Question?

(duration 1 min 57 sec)

In this short video, I share the question I believe you should be asking and some thoughts about taking the next step which will move you beyond what seems to be setting you back.

Will You Do Me a Favor?

In the previous post, I created a short, inspirational video for you. This video is more of a “teaching” video. These were the top two types of videos you said you wanted to see from me (on Facebook).

Would you give these vids a “thumbs” up on YouTube and share your comments? I’d love to improve them each time I go in front of the camera. Let me know what ideas connected with you.

  • What would you like more of?
  • What worked well in the videos?
  • What would make them even more powerful/impactful?

Share your comments below or shoot me an e-mail at steve (at) and let me know what you think.

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Now it’s over to you!


What to Do When You Don’t Fit In

Why am I here?

Puzzle piece with eyes looking out of itRemember your first day at a new school?

Maybe it was grade school.  Maybe in university.  The gut-gnawing uncertainty. People  everywhere, yet you feel so alone.  You just want to go hide somewhere.

Life can feel like that, can’t it?

Why am I here? Why can’t I seem to get my stuff together? Why does everything seem to fall into place for others and never for me? [Read more…]


Find Your Passion and Live From Your “Sweet Spot!”

I Consider Myself Many Things…










And in the past, I would have added “passionate” to the list.  In reality, I was still searching  for my passion in life. [Read more…]


Why Results Matter

Results Are Where It’s At

NOTE: Read to the end (or skip there now) for a great opportunity to work with me directly in 2013.

In my riff about 2013, I shared my new and improved mission.

To create a life and business that sustains me and enriches others

Football Pitch MahidaApparently, this resonates with many of you as well.  Why?

We all want to make a difference.  We want to feel like our life matters.

I have to admit, Results and I have a rocky past.  There have been times in my life where I have achieved really great results that I’m very proud of.

And then again, other times–not so much. [Read more…]


What to Do When You Hate Your Life

Have you ever truly hated your life (or parts of it)?

You spend all week anticipating the weekend. You count down each day by the hour.  You make it to Wednesday and give a cheer that you only have to endure two more days until you get a reprieve.

Then Friday evening arrives. You made it!  But you’re so exhausted and drained you can barely do anything but “veg” out.

Then as Sunday evening comes to a close, your stomach starts to tighten and you’re filled with anxiety when you realize that you have to go to bed because Monday morning is coming on and facing the start of a new week is the one thing you dread most in your life. [Read more…]


Kindness: Your Most Precious Resource

What Is Kindness?

girl smiling
Think of the kindest person you know.

What made you think of them?  Was it their attitude? Their disposition? Their actions?

How do you define or identify kindness, personally?

This week, some co-workers and I were treated unkindly by a supervisor.  The statement he made was so abrupt that it shocked me a bit at first, but it made me really start to think about why we choose unkindness in our interactions with one another. [Read more…]


You’re the Decider

You’re the Decider. You Make the Choice–Always!

In 2006, President George W. Bush made the dramatic statement, “I’m the decider, and I decide what’s best.”

This is not a post about politics, but I’m using that quote as a launching point for my assertion that you are the decider in your life.

This is the second part of a 3-part series inspired by insights from my book, An Imperceptible Spark.  If you didn’t catch part one yesterday, you can go here to check it out.

You create the meaning of your life. The nature of life is constant change and stimulus, but you decide what each circumstance of your experience means. [Read more…]


Dammit…I Missed The Exit!


We have a dysfunctional GPS in one of our cars.

She (our GPS is a “she”) periodically decides to inform us of the exit we should take right as we’re flying past at 65 or 70 miles per hour.

This is exactly what happened this past weekend as we were leaving town to head to Upper Peninsula, Michigan. [Read more…]


019: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Discover Meaning and Purpose

In this episode, I discuss 3 steps I have learned over the past decade as I have searched for meaning and purpose in my own life.

1. Ask for guidance

2. Allow the answer

3. Be ready to take action

Find out how these 3 steps have helped me in facing releasing resistance in my quest.

Also, listen to the story of the insight that I uncovered on a recent sightseeing cruise to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore along Lake Superior in Michigan.

(Find out why the trees at the top of the cliff are so short)


I Hate “Easy Step” List Posts, But Here Goes Anyway…

3 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

I almost threw up a little when I wrote that headline and I know your Bullshit-ometer is probably about to blow.

So let me just put you at ease by disappointing your expectations in this post at the beginning.

These steps won’t pay off your student loans magically.

These steps won’t find your soulmate immediately.

These steps most definitely will not fix your life categorically.

(If you seriously need a life fix, I recommend therapy…no, seriously. A good therapist is worth her weight in gold!) [Read more…]