Excuse Me…But Your Ego is Showing

Threat is a Myth That Exposes the Ego

Your Ego Is Showing

Today I learned a valuable lesson that I’ve actually learned before, but apparently needed to review.

I am not responsible for someone
else’s reaction to me or to life.
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 As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been conducting some training at work.  This morning, a group came into our class for the training.

This is a short training (about an hour), but is essential because we’re updating systems and everyone needs to be trained before the new system goes live. [Read more…]


How to Accept Criticism as a Gift

You experience criticism. I experience criticism. We all experience criticism.  Perhaps you try to avoid it all costs. If so, it may seem difficult to see the gift in criticism.

I want to show you how because it will transform the way you live and will help strengthen your sense of confidence and  personal power.

Over the next 3 weeks, I’m going to be covering 3 areas that many of us struggle with when following our dreams–criticism, building confidence, and setting boundaries. [Read more…]