What to Do When You Hate Your Life

Have you ever truly hated your life (or parts of it)?

You spend all week anticipating the weekend. You count down each day by the hour.  You make it to Wednesday and give a cheer that you only have to endure two more days until you get a reprieve.

Then Friday evening arrives. You made it!  But you’re so exhausted and drained you can barely do anything but “veg” out.

Then as Sunday evening comes to a close, your stomach starts to tighten and you’re filled with anxiety when you realize that you have to go to bed because Monday morning is coming on and facing the start of a new week is the one thing you dread most in your life. [Read more…]


Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

What Is Your Dream?

Dream TeamDreams are amazing things.  Our dreams fill us with enthusiasm.  They draw out the genius within and motivate us, don’t they?

Think of the big dreams in your life.

To write a book?  To be a movie star?  To own your own business? To start a family?

What are you dreams?

Notice how you feel when you think about them even now.

Of course it would be easy for me to say you should follow your dreams for lots of reasons (some listed above).  You’ll feel more fulfilled (maybe).  You’ll accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

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How to Be Useful

Why Wanting to Change the World Isn’t Enough

When I first started out building a presence online, I was full of ideas about how I wanted to change the world. I really wanted to have an impact. I wanted to show people how to live and how to transform their lives.

This week, I watched an interview by Marie Forleo with Chris Gillebeau, and it made me think about what it means to be truly useful to others.

The interview itself is about his new book and about entrepreneurs and–specifically–“start-up” entrepreneurs, but something Chris said really resonated with me.

I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said that it’s not enough to be successful, you have to be useful.

This seems like common sense, but it isn’t.

Breaking the “I” Pattern

Do you see the flaw of my thinking when I first started out?

All of my ambitions seemed to be driven by altruism, but if you look closely, it was really all about me!

I want to show people how to live…but what if they don’t necessarily need to be shown how to live?

I wanted to help people transform their lives…but what if all they want to do is learn to be more happy with the life they have?

Because I was so focused on how I wanted to help them, I missed the boat!

I was trying to give to others what I most needed and wanted myself instead of focusing on what they truly wanted.

How to Be Useful

If you focus on giving what you most want and need to yourself first, then you will always have clarity about how you can best help and serve others.

In short, you will be useful by meeting others at the point of their need, not yours!

What do you think?

How are you most useful to others in the world?  How are others most useful to you?  What resources (books, websites, people, organizations) are most helpful?  Why?

I would love to hear your insight and get a good discussion going here on the subject of usefulness.


How to Banish That “I Don’t Know What to Do” Feeling Forever!

“I just don’t know what to do”

Have you ever said this to someone?

To yourself?

Uncertainty is one of the most frustrating experiences in  life.  A lack of clarity makes you feel drained–mentally and emotionally, unsure and unmotivated. [Read more…]


You Don’t Need to Look for Your Purpose, You Need to Grab It By The Balls!!!


Photo Credit:  Michael

I thought I had to search for it too.  And so I did.

For five years.

I’ve gotta find it. I’ve gotta find it, I told myself. And the more desperately I searched, the more it seemed to elude me.


You can be like me and waste the next five years (or 10 or 20) looking for your passion and purpose.
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Mouth-Open, Tongue-Flapping, Ears-Waving-in-the-Wind Dream Chasin’

Photo Credit:  Sarnibill1

This is how I picture you–running down the road, chasing your dream–with your eyes dancing, your mouth wide open, and your tongue flapping in the wind.  Life is just too amazing not to be chasing it with all you’ve got!

Ditch the Squirrels!


Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months?  A “take-it-or-leave-it” day?

That’s how my February ended up being.  I felt like I was just chasing squirrels all month.

Last month, I laid bare my pretty ambitious goals for my life and business. (BTW, I realize it wasn’t my highest moment in blog title creation, but I hope this one made up for it) 😛

For those of you who missed it…here’s the synopsis:
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