018: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Set Boundaries and Protect Your Dream

And this is one of the major questions of our lives: how we keep boundaries, what permission we have to cross boundaries, and how we do so. – A.B. Yehoshua

Setting boundaries is essential to nurturing and cultivating your dream.

Setting boundaries may seem cruel to the one who oversteps them, but it is the ultimate kindness, for it shows courtesy to one’s self first and to another by showing him a better way.

Boundaries help our dreams to take root before being subjected to the conflict and criticism of the world. Once a dream has taken root, then it will be unshaken by outside forces.

Listen in during this episode for how to combat Dream Stealers. We’ll also discuss the ways in which fear manifests through our Dream Stealers and how we can exercise love to dissolve fear.


017: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Develop Confidence and Courage

The only way to produce confidence is to be courageous enough to face your fears and step into them.  Taking action, produces results and creates momentum.

Results + Momentum = Confidence

Often we get sidetracked evaluating our options.  Make a decision, take action, then evaluate.  The time to evaluate is after you’ve begun to produce results.

This episode will teach you how to build courage in trusting your intuition. You will learn several ways to identify that you are on the “right track”.

You’ll also learn why it is so essential that you begin to create results in order to build confidence.



016: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Accept Criticism

You will face criticism. We all do. If you can learn to see it as a gift, you will experience great courage and personal power.

Learning to deal with criticism in a healthy way is the keystone of self-actualization.

“The highest quality that a human being can reach is to be independent
of the good opinion of others.” – Abraham Maslow

This episode offers you some insights on how to learn to see criticism as the gift that it is.  It helps you look at the criticism you receive in a clearer, more objective way so that you can use it to your advantage.

Criticism always offers you an opportunity–to clarify your dream and to become who you must be to do what you must do!

Embrace it!


015: AWAKE! Podcast – Bringing Certainty to Uncertainty

The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain!

Uncertainty is essential to us or we would become bored with our lives. In fact, sometimes when our lives are too certain, we consciously (or unconsciously) create uncertainty.

If you know that life flows with uncertainty, then you are ahead of the game because most people live as if uncertainty is totally unexpected. They are shocked, hurt or even traumatized when it happens.

You become powerful when you bring the a confident knowing to the uncertainty of life. If you learn to bring certainty to the uncertainty, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest!


013: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Overcome Unmet Expectations

There is a “Pain Prison” in which many people find themselves incarcerated.  It is constructed of  unmet expectations.

Unmet expectations always lead to disappointment, which leads to frustration, anger and pain.

The choice in life lies with which expectations you are willing to disappoint.  Will you frustrate your own expectations by bowing to the demands of another person, or will you honor your own expectations and be willing to disappoint those of another person.

It is easy to claim the former, yet it is more difficult when the people we disappoint are those who we love and respect.

This episode will help you gain clarity in order to liberate you from the shackles that bind you.



014: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Find Your Calling

In this episode, I discuss the idea of one’s “calling”.  I tell you why you should give up the search for it and how you can find it in the process.

I share a simple equation for uncovering your personal power and encourage you to bring your true self to the forefront of your life.

Finally, I share how to create a life of purpose and meaning, day by day.


012: AWAKE! Podcast – Finding Balance and Alignment

In this weeks episode, I answer a Facebook friend’s question:

“What if you don’t know what to do in life…how does one achieve balance or alignment?”

The short answer, is that there is no magic pill…there is no secret formula.

I do offer some personal experiences and provide a couple of powerful insights that helped me answer this question when I was facing obstacles in my own life.

I also provide a kick-ass tool that will help you re-frame the paradigm of whatever it is that’s holding you back.


011: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Cure “Epic Shit Syndrome”

What is “Epic Shit Syndrome?”

This episode, I define it as the need to search outside of ourselves for something “epic” in order to validate ourselves or our lives.

I share how it affects our lives through causing us to become over-achievers and constantly striving for more.

Finally, I share the cure. Be sure to catch the post expanding on this idea later this week. Also, please share this podcast episode on FB and Twitter. Thanks!


010: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Banish “I Don’t Know What to Do” Forever!

“I don’t know what to do!”

Have you said this…to yourself or to someone else?  Has someone said it to you?

This episode is all about banishing “I don’t know what to do” from your life. You don’t have to live in uncertainty and doubt.

You can get rid of the frustration of uncertainty by following this simple shift in belief.  I’ll tell you how on this episode.


009: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Live with Greater Purpose

This week’s episode is all about finding greater meaning and purpose. I share my own personal experience searching for my purpose and why I wasted many years in the process.

I explain why I think you should quit looking for your purpose and instead, learn to value it.

I talk about what is required to live a life of purpose and meaning and issue a challenge.