The Ultimate Blog Challenge – July 2012


The Ultimate Blog Challenge is hosted by my friend, Michelle Shaeffer.  Hundreds of bloggers participate in the challenge, publishing 31-posts during a single month.  They network and promote these posts in an effort to expose their audience to new, wonderful content from other bloggers.

Since 31 one posts over the same number of days is a lot to assimilate, I have created this page which lists all of the posts from the Challenge, so you can catch any you may have missed.

31 Posts in 31 Days (whew!)

Week One:

July 1 – I Hate “Easy Step” List Posts, But Here Goes Anyway…
July 2 – 019: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Discover Meaning and Purpose
July 3 – Dammit…I Missed The Exit
July 4 – Life is Like a River – Let it Flow
July 5 – Jump Into the Flow, and Abandon Resistance!
July 6 – “Grow Where You’re Planted” (and other bullshit!)
July 7 – Power, Force and Love — Let’s Get Naked!

Week Two:

July 8 – The Value of You
July 9 – 020: AWAKE! Podcast – The Affirmation That Changed My Life
July 10 – “To Infinity…And Beyond!”
July 11 – Put Yer Crazy on Display
July 12 – The Affirmation That Changed My Life
July 13 – My Favorite Affirmations
July 14 – How to Have Peace In the Middle of the Storm (and during the calm)

Week Three

July 15 – Let It Shine! 
July 16 – 021: AWAKE! Podcast – What is the Affirmation or Mantra of Your Life?
July 17 – Are You a Lazy-Ass When You Pray?
July 18 – Don’t Punch a Timeclock On Your Life
July 19 – How to Honor Personal Priorities by Setting Boundaries
July 20 – Excuse Me…But Your Ego Is Showing
July 21 – The $64,000 Question (not really)

Week Four

July 22 – Cherish the “Real Life” Sacred Places
July 23 – POETRY: “To See” by William Blake
July 24 – What to Do When You’re Afraid of Taking the Wrong Path 
July 25 – What is the Foundation of a Well-Lived Life? (part one)
July 26 – You’re the Decider (part two)
July 27 – What Role Does Taking Action Play in Crafting a Well-Lived Life? (part three)
July 28 –

Week Five (short week)

July 29 –
July 30 – 022: AWAKE! Podcast – Keys to Manifestation and Attraction
July 31 –